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Is replacing a wheel bearing on a 95 Honda Accord a do-it-yourself project?

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βˆ™ 2004-10-17 10:10:12

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Who diagnoised this as a c/v joint noise? Roaring is wheel beaarings. Clicking while turning is c/v joints. The bearings aren't easy to change.

2004-10-17 10:10:12
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How do you change the wheel bearing on a 1998 Honda Accord ex?

how do you change a 1998 Honda accord front wheel bearing

What is the recommended torque setting on Honda Accord rear wheel bearing?

The Honda accord rear will bearing should be torqued at 60 pounds. You can ruin the wheel bearing or the wheel seal if you over torque the wheel bearing nut.

What is the wheel bearing torque specs in ftlbs on a rear wheel bearing for a 1998 Honda Accord?

what is the torque on front wheel bearings for 1998 honda accord

How do you replace the wheel bearing on a 1997 Honda Accord?

If you

Does a 1991 5 speed accord have a pilot bearing?


Can you install Rear Axle in Honda accord 1998?

98 accord does not have a rear axle- just spindle/hub/bearing

How to Replace wheel bearing on 93 Honda accord?

ask autozone online

Replacing starter in 1997 Honda accord lx?

ask a mechanic sucka!

What causes a 2003 Honda Accord to have a metal grinding noise on acceleration?

wheel bearing?

What is cost of replacing rear passenger door on 2002 Honda Accord EX?


How do you replace dash lights on 99 Honda accord?

replacing dash board lights

How important is the wheel bearing hub assembly on a Honda Accord year 1994?

It is extremely important. A defecting hub assembly or wheel bearing can cause you to have an accident.

How do you decide if transmission or the chip is needing replacing on a 1998 Honda Accord?

Seek professional help.

Does replacing a transmission in a 2004 Honda Accord affects the clock spring in the airbag?

No, it will have no effect on the clockspring.

Step by step directions for replacing the starter on a 1994 Honda Accord?

Is there a good site to go to asap to find how to replace a starter for a 1994 Honda Accord EX

What's the cause of a short but harsh vibration in the wheels of a 96 Accord LX when turning sharply slowly as turning around a cul-de-sac?

It sounds like you have a bearing prob. replacing and repacking with grease should take care of your proublem.

Why would replacing radiator in 2002 Honda Accord 6-cylinder cause the ac blower fan to stop working inside car?

No, that would have no bearing on the blower motor. Check the fuse, blower motor resistro pack, and the blower motor itself.

How do you replace a bad wheel bearing on a 2001 accord?

I know in my 1995 Accord my mechanic had to heat up the old bearing after removing 3 screws and then use a bearing puller to finally remove. The new ones then have to be pressed. I hope this helps tip: Timpkin Bearings are very good and most reasonably priced--I got both for less than $75

How do you replace the distributor bearing on 92 accord ex?

remove dist and take it completely apart. You have to cut the old bearing off with a dremal tool then put it back together

Your engine came back on after replacing your egr valve on your 1999 Honda accord ex?

So, ... what is your question?

Why is my 1998 Honda Accord speedometer not working?

Check the #6 fuse. If it is good then the VSS needs replacing.

What is the price of replacing brake pads and rotors for a 2004 Honda Accord?

In may area around $150.

Where do you find repair diagrams for the front wheel bearing on a 1991 Honda Accord? or a chiltons Hayes manual

What is the oil capacity for a 1987 Honda Accord lxi?

The capacity of the oil is 3.5 litres when replacing oil and filter.

Does head bolts have to be replaced after replacing head gasket on 1990 Honda accord?

Yes, replace the head bolts.