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Sufism is a branch of the Sunni sect of Islam. Sunni's are the most popular sect.

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Q: Is sufism and Islam different path?
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Why is Islam incomplete without sufism?

Because Sufism is about peace, spirituality and closeness to God which is what Islam is all about. Conclusion: Islam is Sufism and Sufism is Islam.

What is the mystical tradition of Islam is known as?

"Sufism" is the correct term for the mystical tradition of Islam.

How did Sufism start Why did it become separate from mainstream Islam How did tariqahs start Explain the idea of a path?

Sufism started with Islam, as it is at the core of Islamic teachings ie. peace, love, spirituality and closeness with God. It never became separate from mainstream Islam, but deviant sects of Islam often reject it. It should be noted that Sunni Islam is the true original way of Islam, and all Sunni Muslims accept Sufism as part of their religion. Tariqas started from different Companions of the Holy Prophet (pbuh) who each preached the ways of Islam to others, and this knowledge was then passed down from generation to generation, forming a chain or Tariqa.

Sufism is a mystical sect of?

Of Islam.

Sufism is a mystical brand of?


What is mystical tradition of Islam?

a. Sufism

What has the author William C Chittick written?

William C. Chittick has written: 'The Sufi path of knowledge' -- subject(s): Creative ability, Imagination, Islam, Religious aspects, Religious aspects of Creative ability, Religious aspects of Imagination, Sufism 'In search of the lost heart' -- subject(s): Doctrines, Sufism, Mysticism, Islam 'Shi ' Ite Anthology' 'The Sufi Path of Love' 'The heart of Islamic philosophy' -- subject(s): Islamic Philosophy, Philosophy, Islamic, Sufism 'Imaginal worlds' -- subject(s): Doctrines, Islam, History

What is the difference between Sharia and Tariqah?

Sharia is the devine law of Islam. Although its particular requirements are seen as different by different schools of Islam and in different cultures, it is The Law. A Tariqah is a school of Sufism, one approach to Islam. It is not a body of laws, but a way of approaching Islam.

Does Sufism believe in women's rights in Islam?

Sufism is part of Islam . All true sufis practice Islam and shariah . Hence they have no other view , their view is same as is islamic view . Women have rights as mentioned in Qu'ran and Hadith .

What is the purpose of Sufism?

Answer The theory of Sufism in Islam is to know the Allah and achieve the nearness of the Allah only.

What are the different Punjabi religions?

Some religions practised in the Punjab are Sikhism, Hinduism, Arya Samaj, Islam, also I believe Parsi, Jainism, and Sufism.

Who mainly practices Sufism?

Sufism is mainly practiced by the Muslims. But the Hindus, the Buddhists and the Christians also practice Sufism.