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Here's the problem with flushing: Any loose sludge gets dropped down to the oil pan. The oil pump picks up this new found glop and plugs it, starving the motor for oil, the engine goes bad.So I wouldn't flush it, but if you do keep us posted.

Synthethic oil is what I run in my cars. Mostly because I hate changing my oil. It extends the time between changes for me and I like that. I know Guys in the industry that swear by it. I know just as many that don't. Your car has used about 1/3 to 1/2 of of it's useful life. the Camry is an excellent car. If the car is in good shape, I would use it, but still change the filter every 3000 miles and lube any chassis parts at the same time if fittings are present. If you change it every 3000 miles then just use conventional oil.

synthetic oil only works well if you have it put in from the start. If you run regular oil then switch to synthetic the oil(s) won't mix right and you've wasted the extra $$ you spent on the synthetic

That's can run synth ANY time...

You will have no problems with switching to a synthetic moter oil at any mileage. It is actually a good idea to run synthetics in higher mileage cars as it is far easier on the moving parts of the engine. The only problem you may have with switching to a synthetic is that you might find a oil leak that ya didnt know about because synthetic oils are detergent rich and will clean up the sludge and deposits in the engine.

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Q: Is synthetic oil worthwhile in a car with over 100 thousand miles on it?
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