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Is the 1996 Monte Carlo Z34 3.4L DOHC motor an interferance motor or a non-interferance motor?


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2005-01-07 23:44:41
2005-01-07 23:44:41

It is not supposed to be an interference motor, HOWEVER at high RPMs the connecting rods may stretch enough that it BECOMES an interference engine, causing some major problems if you break the timing belt or chain at high speeds of rotation. The clearance is very small on a factory engine. If the heads have been decked or the pistons are not stock it may be intereference.


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You can look that up in a car repair manual Chilton to see if it is an interference or non-interference motor.

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The 1985 Monte Carlo has four motor mounts. There are two motor mounts on top, a mount on the lower engine by the crank pullet and a transmission mount located on the lower left.

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On the passenger side on the firewall.

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