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Both and neither.

Although the Church of England broke ties from Rome in the 16th century it is not considered "protestant" in the same way as "Presbyterians" are.

The Church of England (Anglican Church) is connected to its ancient Catholic heritage. The Anglican Church Celebrates the sacraments, and most importantly the Holy Eucharist.


Church of England was established by Henry VIII. The critical distinction is that the Pope is head of the Catholic Church whereas the present King of Queen of England as the head of the Church of England. The present head of the Church of England is her Britannic Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

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Whilst the Church of England was certainly ,'Established,' by Henry the 8th, it was simply a gesture that legitimised, as it were, the custom and practice of some 1500 years.

The Church of England was the Catholic Communion in this country and the Edict of Milan [311/13.] made the Catholic Church legal throughout the Roman Empire it began a move that assumed the establishment of the Church throughout the Roman Realm!

In Britain, then England this attitude grew, through the moves in early Synods of the Saxon Church and was carried on till Henry put it in to a law. The Monarch was always the Civil Head of the Church as being the Chief magistrate and this was just as real with the papacy in his own country in Northern Italy where the Bishop of Rome held civil power as well as religious authority!

As to the head of the Catholic Church? We are made members of the Catholic Church by baptism, it is referred to as the Body of Christ and we as members of Christ and Children of God! The Pope is not the Head of the Catholic Church, an error, but he is the Patriarch of the West! This is an honorary administrative post given to him , as Bishop of Rome, just as the Bishop of Constantinople was made Patriarch of the East, [for fully political reasons in both cases,] by the Ecumenical Councils.

The church of England or Anglican church is not Catholic. it is Protestant, and the Queen is NOT the chief magistrate, the Pope is acknowledged by the world as the Head of The Catholic Church, if he is not who is ?

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Q: Is the Church of England Catholic or Protestant?
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Is England currently more Protestant or Catholic?

protestant as the church of England is.

What caused the protestant?

Henry 8 changed from the Catholic church to the Church of England so that made England a protestant counry not a Catholic country

Was the Church of England a Catholic Church?

No, however, the church in England was Catholic up until the protestant revolt in the sixteenth century when the Church of England was created.

Is England currently Catholic or protestant?

Roman Catholic AnswerEngland remains a protestant country with the Queen as legal head of the Church of England (the Anglican Church).

Was Henry VII Catholic or Protestant?

Henry VII was a Catholic. Henry VIII was a Catholic who later apostatised, forming the Church of England, so as a heretic, he started the protestant church in England.

Was the Church of England Catholic in 1630?

The Church of England in and of itself is a Protestant church. It split from the Catholic Church around 1526 under Henry VIII.

What is the difference between the church of England and the protestants?

The Church of England is a Protestant Religion. Protestant is different from Catholic, within the Christian Faith.

What was England's main church in 1600s?

Protestant and Roman Catholic.

How did Elizabeth I deal with religious divide?

She Made The Church Of England Where Protestant And Catholic People Could Go To That Way There Would Be Protestant And Catholic People In The Same Church. she then let the people of England chose if they wanted to be catholic or protestant!

Was the royal wedding a Protestant or Catholic service?

It was a Protestant service - Church of England or Anglican.

Why did the Puritans break away from the Catholic Church?

The Puritans did not directly break from the Catholic Church. They broke from the Church of England, a Protestant Church. They did so because they felt that the Church of England was too similar in practices to the Catholic Church. I suppose that makes the Puritans Protestant Protestants.

How did England become a Protestant country during the Reformation?

Henry VIII separated from the Roman Catholic Church, establishing the Church of England which was Protestant with Catholic tendencies such as elaborate ceremonies.

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