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Is the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict about land?


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This question is divisive and so you may get conflicting answers.

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No. It is a conflict between ideologies. The land-issue is just a diversion from the actual goal, which is to remove Jews and their State from the Middle East.

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Partially. In order to resolve whether a conflict is over is exclusively over a certain piece of land, you can ask the question: if one side got all of the land that they wanted would there be peace. In the Morocco-Algeria Sands War of 1981-1982, there would be (as each just wanted control of a small piece of land). In the case of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, there would still be sectarian conflicts, even if the land was returned. However, having access to the land and control over it is certainly among the aims of both sides.

The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict is primarily a nationalistic conflict, between two camps of peoples: Israelis (Jews, Israeli Arabs, Bedouins, Druze, Circassians, and others on the one side) and Palestinians (Palestinian Muslims, Palestinian Christians, and others on this side) who identify with specific national governments and governing ideologies. This is similar to other conflicts between nations, such as between India and Pakistan where Indians and Pakistanis identify by loyalty to their countries and those countries' governing ideologies. Part of nationalistic identity is a view of where their borders are and in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, the Israelis and Palestinians do not agree on where the borders should be between the two countries (or even whether there should be two countries).