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Q: Is the factory fitted immobliser under aftermarket warranty?
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What is the shortest barrel fitted to the Browning A-5 Magnum?

Factory, aftermarket or NFA?

If you have encountered an intermittent fault with the factory-fitted immobilizer on a Daewoo Matiz that only becomes noticeable when the engine turns but does not start - how was it resolved?

reset the immobliser using a scan tool.

Are xenon lights illegal?

Yes if not original fitted to the vehicle. : In US aftermarket conversion is illegal. Some countries have the law only for OEM (factory fitted) Xenon lights like UK. Other countries have no such law and you can do what ever you want.

Why Factory fitted alarm for 2003 corolla wont arm?

The factory fitted alarm on a 2003 Corolla will not arm if the wires have been cut to the alarm. If the vehicle was purchased used, this is a good possibility.

Want to replace factory fitted radio casette player for a factory fitted CD player for a ford focus but the connections on the CD player are to close together on the CD players connections can you hel?


Does Mazda Axela comes factory fitted LPG?

Some versions of the Mazda Axela come with a factory fitted LPG. Most of these models are available in Korea and Japan where the LPG conversion is required by law.

Do 1999 t reg vauxhall vectra's have an immobilizer or alarm fitted as standard?

My vectra is a 1999 S plate and has a factory fitted immobilizer, I think that alarm/ immobilisers were fitted as standard the year after mine.

Where can you get a lay out with pics for a 1996 e320 coupe factory fitted alarm system?

A person can get a layout for this cars factory fitted alarm systems in the cars maintenance manual. It can also be obtained in the repair manual or with the original alarm system.

What makes a police car go fast?

they have special interceptor engines fitted at the factory

Is car having a factory fitted staringwheel without airbag fit for road test?


What exactly are aftermarket wheels?

Aftermarket wheels are one way of customizing and upgrading you car. They can change the look and feel of the car and are inspired by motor sport. They can be fitted by the home enthusiast or by a specialist mechanic. Price ranges vary depending on your existing car.

What is the longest Browning barrel ever factory fitted to the A-5 in Light 20-gauge?

30 inches.

Does a 1994 Ford Falcon have cruise control?

My 1994 ed xr8 was fitted with cruise control from the factory.

Can you fit a CD player in your fiat stilo that has a factory fitted radio?

Fitting cd in fiat stilo

Were is CD changer on a Honda CR-V?

the factory fitted one in mine is under the drivers seat

Are led lights illegal?

You have not defined where! LED lights in the home are full legal, and are being used more and more. On cars, factory fitted LED lights are legal. Aftermarket ones vary in legality. As they are a change from standard, they may not be, but in many places they are accepted as the give the same light output.

Do Mazda 121 metro shade have a immobilizer?

I called Mazda and they have confirmed a 2001 Mazda 121 has a factory fitted immobiliser.

Is a car warranty usually included in a new car purchase?

In general terms, the motor vehicle and all accessories (conditional) fitted at the time of sale are covered by the warranty. If a defect occurs during the warranty period, the dealer is obliged to fix the defect at no cost to the customer so that the vehicle is in reasonable condition for it's age. The time it takes to make repairs is added on to your warranty period.

How much hydraulic fluid is in a 1992 Volvo semi?

The only hydraulic fluid which is typically in a road tractor is the power steering fluid, and you simply fill that to the fill line on the reservoir. If it's been fitted with a PTO, that's an aftermarket system, and that, as well as the hydraulic tank, depends on who the aftermarket supplier is.

Is it possible kick start in Yamaha szr bike?

Yes definitely. Now it comes factory fitted, but you have to pay 2K INR.

What warranty comes with Bilstein shocks?

The warranty you get with Bilstein shocks depends on where and how you purchased them. If they were fitted to a vehicle at the point of purchase then your warranty lies with the vehicle manufacturer and they would be your first port of call if you have a problem. If you have purchased your shocks separately then the terms will depend on the country in which you purchased them, but generally, if Bilstein determines that there is a defect with any of their shocks, they will replace or repair them.

What cars have a 5 x 4.5 bolt pattern?

The only other car that I've found that has factory fitted 5x112 are Toyota/Lexus.

Why is my 2003 Honda civic air conditioner not working?

common problem!usually is condenser at front of car in front of radiator!got my type r 03 plate booked in tommor to have it have extended the warranty on condensers to 6 years so it gets done free of charge but only if the air con system is factory fitted

Is it recommended to put 1999 Ford Falcon forte on lpg gas?

You can buy AU Falcons with factory fitted LPG - eGas is the name of this system!

Where is block heater for 1998 Isuzu trooper located?

In short, they dont have them as standard. You may have an aftermarket one fitted, which could be either a water circuit heater or diesel fuelled air heater, but nothing is guaranteed.