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Copy go here and search on repossession

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Q: Is the lender required by law to notify you of the date and place of a private sale or auction?
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Is there legal notification of foreclosure from mortgage company or bank?

Yes. The lender must notify the borrower of the pending foreclosure.Yes. The lender must notify the borrower of the pending foreclosure.Yes. The lender must notify the borrower of the pending foreclosure.Yes. The lender must notify the borrower of the pending foreclosure.

In New York is the lender required to notify the co-signer before reporting this information on his credit report?


Do you need to notify private insurance if you go on SSI?

Anytime you have private medical insurance, you are required to notify them of any other medical coverage you have. So, yes, you do need to notify them if you are now covered under SSI medical.

Does a creditor have to notify you if repossing a car?

In some states yes. In some state the lender is not required to give any notice at all before or after. In some states, the lender is only required to give you notice after the vehicle has been repossessed.

Does a lender need to notify you before they sell your car they repossessed?

Yes, they also have to send you official letter from auction at the price they sold it to deduct from the amount you own to the bank.

What options do you have in California if your car was repossessed and you want to get it back?

The lender is required to notify you at your last known address as the details for redemption. You can CALL the lender, you will have to talk to them sooner or later. MERRY CHRISTMAS

Does the lender have to send you a letter to notify you that his repossess your car in G.A.?

yes because they have to notify the owner

Do you have to notify the DMV if your car was repossessed?

NONE, the lender will take care of it

Can a co-signer have a negative entry removed from a credit report if the lender failed to notify him that the primary borrower was in default of the loan agreement?

No. There is no legal obligation for the lender to notify the cosigner that the primary borrower is in default.

Does anyone have to notify that you are in a will?

no -- this is not required

Does the lender have to notify the cosigner if the person responsible does not make a payment?

In some states yes.

Who notifies HOA when a property is foreclosed?

Generally the foreclosing lender must notify the HOA.

What happens if your car is repossessed and you are out of the country?

The same thing happens as if you lived across the street from the lender. They notify you by mail what is going to happen(court,auction,ect) and if you dont respond they proceed. No biggie. Not to my knowledge. Search in your browser for "vise + revoke".

Is the lender or repossessor required to notify the borrower before taking the vehicle?

It isn't needed for them to inform you. It depends on the Repo company really. Your loan bank, or "lender" pays to have your car repossessed, gives you a chance to buy it back for the either the amount that you owe (plus maybe a delinquency fee), otherwise the lender will give it to a dealership to sell it. If it doesn't sell at the dealership, the dealership CAN give it back to the lending bank, in which case they will put it up for auction somewhere. So, they SHOULD notify you, but they CAN just take your car and wait for YOU to contact THEM to pay your amount before the try to get their money back for the car they paid for. But if you have some Jerk company the might not notify you and just try to sell the car immediatly. Sorry, about your situation, but I hope that helped. I hope you didnt owe taxes because that is a whole other story! -NeoMikeTx

Can someone report your car to be repossessed if they know that you do not have insurance?

IF they hate you enough, IF they can find out who your lender is, IF the lender wants to repo because of that fact, The ins. co. is supposed to notify the lender anyway if you let the policy lapse....

How much time do you have to pay off on your repossessed car before the lender can sell it?

There is no set time. Once you have defaulted on your loan, and the lender takes possession of the collateral, it is theirs to dispose of as they see fit. That they attempt to sell it at auction is one means of off-setting the debt you created. They must notify you in most states within twenty-four hours that the vehicle has been repossessed, and they must make it possible for you to recover your personal property, but they are not required to store the vehicle for any length of time before selling it.

What to do after loan is signed and lender refuse to give a copy of contract?

Contact the attorney general or check their web site for the consumer's rights in your state. Give the lender a copy. Notify the attorney general of their activities. Make it clear to the lender that he is giving up his right to collect the debt when he breaks the law. That will get his attention. Many loans have a three day right of recision (you can back out within three days). If it is required for your loan and you didn't get it, the lender is sort of screwed.

Is dealer required to notify you they will charge storage fees?


Are you required to notify the mortgage company when your parents die?

The estate is

How quickly are you required to notify a patient if they are owed a refund?


If your car is sold to the person with the highest bid how do you find out how much it sold for in Ky?

The lender will tell you when they notify you of the Balance due.

What happens if they trace your name onto a loan aggreement?

That's forgery - a crime. If you think that has happened to you, notify the lender and the police.

Can you deed your home over and keep your name on the loan?

You need to notify the lender of any changes in ownership. They will then call in the loan.

Is the insurance company required to notify you if your employer cancels the company policy thereby cancelling the employee coverage?

No. The Employer must notify you.

Can you sell a car or cycle when you still make payments on it and you don't have the title?

Yes. Im not 100% sure how the process goes,but the sellerwill have to notify his/her lender or whomever of whats going on. Buyer will provide payment and i believe your lender will forward the title to the buyers lender.