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The respiratory system is unimportant during strength training and stretching. It is very important during cardiovascular exercise (cardio). Regular cardio that is neither too mild nor too strenuous can be very beneficial to your body.


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Q: Is the respiratory system important during exercise?
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What happens to your respiratory system during exercise?


How can exercise improve your respiratory system?

How can exercise improve your respiratory system?

Changes in the respiratory system during exercise?

Arterial CO2 levels rise in people who regularly exercise. Another effect of exercise on the respiratory system is breathing is lighter and slower following exercise.

What are the benifits of exercise on the respiratory system?

By using our respiratory system more during exercise, exercising more can make us exchange gas with more efficiency.

How do the muscular and respiratory system work together during exercise?


What is the role of the respiratory system during exercise?

Provide air to the muscles and brain.

What happens to the respiratory system during exercise?

The airways into and out of the lungs and the lungs themselves make up your respiratory system. This system allows the exchange of gases

What is good for the respiratory system?

Oxygen and exercise do wonders for the respiratory system.

Does resistance exercise help respiratory system?


what is The ability of the circulatory and respiratory system to supply fuel during sustained exercise is called?

aerobic endurance

What are Affects of exercise on respiratory system?

Over time it makes your respiratory system more efficient.

How do you know that exercise affect our respiratory system?

Because our respiratory system is part of our breathing and we all breath faster when we do exercise because the oxygen needs to get to the muscles quicker. Exercise also makes you fitter, so you will see an improvement on the respiratory system because your breathing will be more controlable... Therefore exercise defently effects the respiratory system :)

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