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There is no grace period on buying new or used cars in Georgia or any other state. The only exception to this rule is if the sale was unsolicited. For example, a car salesman drives up to your home and knocks on your door. You answer, and he shows you a brand new XYZ. You decide this is exactly what I've been wanting and you sit down at the table and sign all the necessary paperwork. This would be an unsolicited sale, in which case you would then have a 72 hour return policy. If you went to the dealership and chose the car, you do not have a return policy. The sale is considered final as soon as you sign the paperwork and leave the lot with the car. Reason being is that new car instantly becomes a used car when it is titled. It is therefore worth far less than a new car.

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Q: Is there a Grace Period on purchasing a New car in Georgia?
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Is there a grace period on purchasing a new car in Tennessee?

No, there is no grace period on purchasing a new car in Tennessee. Once you take possession of the car and drive it off the lot, the car is yours.

How long is the grace period on a new car warranty?

The warranty expires when the warranty expires. There is no grace period.

Is there a grace period for an expired new york drivers license?

There is no legal grace period. However, most law enforcement officers will give you a grace period to get your license renewed. The judges will generally as well.

Is there a grace period on returning new cars?

No, there is no grace period in any state. That is just a myth. Once you buy a new car it automatically becomes a used car worth far less. You bought it and you own it.

Is there a 3 day grace period for returning a new car in palm beach county fl?

No, the 3 day grace period or cooling off period only applies to unsolicited sales, not vehicles.

Parking meter grace period in new york city?

five minutes

Is there a grace period for expired inspection sticker in ma?

NO unless you bought a new car

Is there a grace period to buy car insurance for a new car?

Read your policy. Some companies and policies offer a grace period and some don't. Call your agent not the car dealer to find out.

Is there a right of recission when purchasing a used vehicle in New Jersey?

there is no right to recision in regard to the sale of a new or used motor vehicle in the state of Georgia

Is there a such thing as a 15 minutes grace time for double parking in New York New York?

No. There is no 'grace period' for breaking the law. What an officer may enforce is entirely up to the officer.

Can you marry your cousin in the state of Georgia?

Yes, but New Jersey has no incest laws period.

Is there a 48 hour grace period to return car?

There is a 48 hour grace period to return a new car in most states in the United States. Used cars are often sold as-is without any type of warranty.

Can you back out of a lease within 24 hours of signing in New York City?

NO There is a NO Grace period no buyers remorse.

In Georgia how many days do you have to return a new car you purchased from the dealer?

There is no cooling off period in Georgia in the purchase of a new or used car. Georgia law only provides for a three day right to rescind in the case of door to door sales.

What is the new car return law in Georgia?

There is no new or used car return law in any state including Georgia. The Buyers Remorse or Cooling Off Period laws do not apply to the purchase of a vehicle.

When signing a new contract does the dealership have to give the buyer a 45-day grace period before the first payment?


Is there a grace period to return a new car in the state of Florida if there is a hardship?

No, there is not. That new car is now a used car and you cannot return it. The cooling off period or buyers remorse law does not apply to the purchase of a vehicle.

When a new car is purchased in Georgia does it need to be insured right away if the purchaser has an existing policy that covers their other vehicles or is there a grace period?

I can't say specifically for Georgia, but almost any insurance policy will cover a different/additional car for a "reasonable" amount of time. Call your agent and check, preferrably BEFORE you go car shopping.

Is there a grace period to return a new car?

No, there is no "grace period" unless it is WRITTEN in the contract. Like a couple of new car makers are doing now. Automobile purchasing has always been buyer beware. There are Lemon laws in most states but even then they are very strict. Even if you win the lemon law the manufacturer sends you the Manufactured Sales Retail Price. You might still have to pay more out of pocket for the same car at a dealership. For more real answers for a real world go to http\\ If is not in your area call your local dealer and ask why?

In Arizona is there a grace period after signing a contract on a new car?

According with federal law, since 1968, you can rescind any agreement in which payments are involved. The above answer is simply not true concerning the purchase of an automobile. There is no grace period or cooling off period on the purchase of a automobile. That law only applies to unsolicited sales.

Is there a 3 day grace period on buying a car in Arkansas?

No, the Buyers Remorse of Cooling Off Period laws do not apply to the purchase of a used or new vehicle in any state.

Is there any kind of return policy on a brand new Hyundai Elantra OR On new cars in general?

There is no grace period for returns on new vehicles. You can try talking to the dealership but that is no gaurantee they will help you out.

Does the dealership have to give a 30-day grace period on a new contract?

No, when the transaction is complete, the car is yours and so is the loan.

If an insurance payment is late what is the grace period before being fined for not turning in your license plates in New York State?

Call and ask your agent

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