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Is there a certain way a repo man can tow a vehicle?



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There is several different ways we can get a car and no matter how smart you think you are there are only about four ways that maybe save your car will save your unpaid for property.A garage-its got to come out sometime,A locked gate-but can be picked or replaced with the same lock but with my new key haha,Or the good ol trading game-but remember people will always talk for money,and last but not least the blocking it in with their other veh-but our trucks work very quick and most are quiet also who says you werent already parked on the st,But to answer your question, No there isn't really any way we cant get a veh no matter how you park it, frontwheel drive rearwheel drive allwheel drive,wheels turned,e-brake on backed in nose in parallal parked,sitting on its roof,it realy doesnt matter.In most cases no B.S. at all,we are in and out in about 30 secs.Even if you are sitting in the window taking sleeping shifts with you wife,before you can get your pants on your to late.But even if you do catch us most of us don't even have to get out of the truck to load the car and please don't punch our windows as they are very hard and hands are soft and im yet to have one break. So if this didnt answer your? Give me a situation and I can prob give you a way to get it. Another thing payments are ment to be unpaid as laws are ment to be broken. The more you try and anger us off the more it makes us want the car and remember I feed my family by getting your car. So just remember WHILE YOUR SLEEPING WE'LL BE CREEPIN.