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Is there a certain way a repo man can tow a vehicle?

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There is several different ways we can get a car and no matter how smart you think you are there are only about four ways that maybe save your car will save your unpaid for property.A garage-its got to come out sometime,A locked gate-but can be picked or replaced with the same lock but with my new key haha,Or the good ol trading game-but remember people will always talk for money,and last but not least the blocking it in with their other veh-but our trucks work very quick and most are quiet also who says you werent already parked on the st,But to answer your question, No there isn't really any way we cant get a veh no matter how you park it, frontwheel drive rearwheel drive allwheel drive,wheels turned,e-brake on backed in nose in parallal parked,sitting on its roof,it realy doesnt matter.In most cases no B.S. at all,we are in and out in about 30 secs.Even if you are sitting in the window taking sleeping shifts with you wife,before you can get your pants on your to late.But even if you do catch us most of us don't even have to get out of the truck to load the car and please don't punch our windows as they are very hard and hands are soft and im yet to have one break. So if this didnt answer your? Give me a situation and I can prob give you a way to get it. Another thing payments are ment to be unpaid as laws are ment to be broken. The more you try and anger us off the more it makes us want the car and remember I feed my family by getting your car. So just remember WHILE YOUR SLEEPING WE'LL BE CREEPIN.

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Can tow truck driver repo vehicle while a person is in it in their driveway?

Yes but he is not allowed to tow the vehicle with a person in it.

Can a tow truck repo your vehicle from a parking lot in Brownsville Texas?


What is considered reasonable towing distance on a repo?

They can tow it is far as necessary to recover the vehicle. There is no limit.

What type of license are required in Georgia to run a repo tow truck?

Whatever the GVW of the vehicle requires.

In Texas law can a repo man place felony charges?

Who or what do you mean by "the repo man?" If it is the lender you are referring to, yes, they can. If they are attempting to repossess the vehicle because of your non-payment on the installment contract, AND you are concealing, or keeping them from recovering their property, they could charge you with Grand Larceny for intentionally depriving them of their property. On the other hand, if by "repo man" you mean the agent who is actually driving the tow truck, no, they could not - UNLESS that person also happens to be the lender/owner of the vehicle.

What if the car being repoed will not start?

Most likely, the repo man will hook the car to a tow truck or put it on a flatbed tow truck.

Could a repo man tow the car if there's an animal is in it?

No, they take it out and take it to an animal shelter.

What makes repo trucks different from other vehicles?

Repo trucks are essentially the same as a tow truck or flatbed tow truck. They are used to repossess vehicles for non-payment. They have a larger engine, reinforced frames and hydraulic lifts that are needed to tow another vehicle. Repo trucks, depending on the size and tonnage, may require a commercial drivers license to operate.

What kind of tools does a repo man use?

A repo man uses tools that can break locks and chain up moveable assets. A common tool for every repo man is the tow truck. The truck needs chains, lifts and a pulley system to work effectively.

Can a repo man tow other peoples vehicles to get to your car?

No they cannot Sincerely, Chicago's New Accident Recovery

Can a repo man take your car if there is no insurance on it?

Yes. He's not going to drive your car. He's going to hook a wrecker (tow truck) to it and tow it to a holding lot.

What is needed to start a vehicle repo business?

Yoy will need a business license, insurance, a tow truck, a SECURE storage lot, customers- and a knowledge of repo laws in your state. Can of pepper spray is optional.

Can a buy here pay here car lot repo after 7 days late?

Some places have the ability to take your car away if you don't pay car lot fees if you are trying to sell your car on their lot. If you didn't sign a contract through them, then they can't repo your car. They will most likely tow your car off the lot and you have to pay expenses on it. If you signed a contract where you must leave your vehicle on the lot for certain amount of days or months then yes they might be able to repo your vehicle if it states in the contract they can. If you are not on a contract of any kind then no they can not repo your car. They will instead tow your car off the lot.

Is it legal for a repo man to open your garage and threaten to block you on the street and tow with you and kids inside?

No. In order for a person to repo a vehicle, it has to be visible from the street, and it can't be occupied. This would be an invasion of privacy. NO WAY!!! First, he cannot go into your garage. He cannot block you in. He cannot tow the car with anyone inside. If this was done, call the police and an attorney. File charges and sue the idiot. You will win.

Does the vehicle weight affect towing weight?

Yes The vehicle is allowed to weigh a certain amount on its wheels, the trailer is required to put 10% to 15% of its weight on the tow vehicle. Regardless of anything else the tow vehicle can not exceed its rated weight nor may it exceed its rated tow capacity.

Do I have to be with the vehicle to get a tow?

No, as long as you leave the keys with the car and let us know how you are paying, you do not need to be with the vehicle to get a tow.

Is it legal to tow a quad?

not if your a repo person with a licence

Can apartment tow a resident's car?

No only repo can

Where would they take a repo vehicle if your lender is in va and you live in ms?

It all varies by your state laws. but normally the lender will search for repo and towing companies in the area where they think you are and they search for you and come and tow your car to a tow company or repo company lot, then they contact your lender, so you need to contact your lender to arrange payment or to get your stuff out of your car. Hope This helps Adam OUT

Is it legal for a repossession company to move a car that is blocking the car they want?

When the tow truck makes contact with another vehicle it is in possession of that tow/repo company. If they connect to another vehicle to "move" it they are in possession of that vehicle without cause or permission. This is technically a stolen auto at that time. It is NOT legal to move other vehicles to get to another. A good repossession agent with proper use of his tools can get a vehicle out of even the most tightly squeezed places. Before you accuse a repo agent of "stealing" a vehicle, make sure he actually did!!!

How do you know if your tow vehicle can tow your trailer?

Compare the GVW of the trailer with the towing capacity of the tow vehicle.

What are the release dates for Operation Repo - 2007 Tow and Go SUSPENDED?

Operation Repo - 2007 Tow and Go SUSPENDED was released on: USA: 27 June 2012

How do you repo a car without a tow truck?

drive it away

What is the difference between a repossession and a writ of replevin?

Repossession is what is commonly thought of as a "REPO". A self-help repo is permitted by most states. "Writ of Replevin" is the other legal option that a few states require to do the same thing. The state makes money by requiring the Replevin. BOTH have the same effect on your credit. A repo is where a lender contacts someone to pick up the vehicle. You, at that time, do NOT have to surrender the vehicle. A "Writ of Replevin" is where the lender gets a court order signed by a judge for you to surrender the vehicle. It will be served by a Sheriff's officer, with the repo man in tow, and you will then have to let them take the car. Otherwise, you are in contempt and it is not worth it to defy a court order. That is the only time you have to surrender the vehicle.

Can you tow a vehicle if they are tagged and you are not a tow company?

As long as the vehicle is secured and marked properly and there are identifiable turn and brake lights on the vehicle in tow. Using the hazards on the vehicle in tow is illegal in most states. Contact your local DMV to make sure.

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