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It's pretty normal to be a little happier talking to your own sex about certain things. Men bond! My husband can sit here and say little to me at times, yet if one of his friends phones and talks about fishing, hockey, football you can't shut him up. LOL Women are usually the chatter boxes and talk about anything and everything, while men are usually more quiet and only certain things are of interest to them. They don't usually sweat over the smaller things in life like women. EXAMPLE: You have a fight with your best friend and you rave and rant over that fight for possibly days or longer. A man can have an argument with his best friend and won't say a word and eventually they do get back together again. Women are apt to keep a loathing and hatred deep inside of them re someone who has hurt them badly, while men's attitudes are generally, "Oh well .. move on." It's normal and that's just how we're made.

It's time to sit down with your husband and communicate. The question is ... "Why does he prefer the internet to you?" He may be hooked on the internet, but then again perhaps you aren't putting 100% into your relationship and he's lonely, or you need to make your marriage more interesting. Don't accuse him of being gay just yet!

Good luckMarcy

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Q: Is there a chance your husband is gay if he plays and talks on the internet with a guy every night and seems to be happier talking to him?
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