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Try under the hood

Check under the hood in the fuse box on the passenger side fender well

There are two columns of small fuses there, the fog light relay/left front park/turn signal/ marker/ tail, stop light/ license plate light fuse is #7, that is, seven down from the top in the left side column. If all these lights function except the stop lights/brake lights, then your problem could be a bad brake light switch, located above the brake pedal. There are delicate reed switches inside this switch block. Test the switch with a meter. If you have to replace it make sure you read the enclosed instructions first before you even touch the new part, it's a self adjusting- one shot deal! do NOT depress the plunger with your fingers, you cannot reset it without damaging the part. read read!
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Q: Is there a fuse for the 2000 jeep cherokeebrake lights and are they separate?
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Which fuse is for back up lights vw golf 2000?

The number 7 fuse is for the back up lights on a 2000 WV Golf. This fuse also runs the speedometer and vehicle speed sensor.

Where are the fuses for the dashboard lights in a 2000 Nissan Exterra?

Tthe dashbord lights and tail lights are on the same circuit. On my 2000 Xterrra the 15a fuse is located in the fuse panel under the hood labeled 'TAIL'.

Where is the fuse for the interior courtesy lights on a 2000 Saturn LW2?

where in the left fuse box ,interior courtesy lights, amp-color

If the door courtesy lights work in a 2004 Honda Accord after changing the fuse but map and dome lights do not Is there a separate fuse for them?

dome lights do not work. checked the fuse which is ok. checked the bulbs which are also ok. where is the problem

What fuse feeds the brake lights in a 2000 mercury cougar?

try fuse 24

Your 99 f150 has no brake lights all other lights are okrunning lights directials ect?

It has a separate fuse .I bet you have a trailer connection. The correct fuse is noted in the owners manual.

Is there a fuse for the interior lights on a 2000 Pontiac Montana?

Yes, there is a fuse for the interior lights on a 2000 Pontiac Montana. The fuse box is located to the far right of the dash on the passenger side. Open the passenger door to access it.

If the dash lights went out and it is not the fuse because some of the lights like the seatbelt light come on what is wrong?

from what i know there are separate fuses for the left side lights and the right side lights so it might be a fuse

Where is the fuse for dash lights for 2000 Acura RL?

The 2000 Acura dash light fuse can be found in the fuse box. The fuse box is in the engine compartment. The location of the fuse is listed on the inside cover of the fuse box.

Dash lights dome lights and trunk lights won't work 2000 Cavalier are they all on the same circuit any suggestions?

check the fuse box for a blown fuse.

What fuse is for the brake lights?

On my 2000 JGCL I changed the fuse for the brake lights today...and it had a diagram on the opener to get into the fuse box and it said position 23 was for the brakes! Hope that helps.

What fuse would you replace for the tail lights in a 2000 dodge durango?

The fuses on the 2000 Dodge Durango should be labeled for each part such as the tail lights. The tail light fuse is a 30 A.

Where is the fuse for the dome lights and mirror lights on a 2000 GM Tracker?

Driver side under dash near hood release there is a fuse block.

Why does your hazard lights work and your turn signal light not work?

Two separate circuits in most vehicles. You have a fuse and a flasher for the hazards and you have a separate fuse and flasher for the signals.

Is there a separate fuse for the check engine light on a 2000 Ford Explorer?

According to the 2000 Ford Explorer Owner Guide : No , a separate fuse for the check engine light is not listed

Which fuse controls the tail lights on a 2000 Ford Explorer?

The fuse that controls the taillights on a 2000 Ford Explorer can be found in the fuse box that is in the engine compartment. The cover has a label that displays what each fuse if for.

What fuse for tail lights 2000 ford focus se wagon?

Running lights (left side): Fuse #47 -- Running lights (right side): Fuse #48 -- Brake lights: Fuse #54. Fuse panel is on the lower left side (underneath) the dashboard. NOTE: If it is your brake lights that are not working and fuse # 54 looks okay, check the brake light switch, it may have gone bad.

For a grand marquis 2000 Is the fuse for the cigarette lighter on the same fuse as the door lock?

No, they are separate circuits.

What if your brake lights work but not the tail lights?

Look for a fuse labeled TAIL LIGHTS. There are 2 separate circuits, one for brake turn and flasher and the other is for tail lights.

How to change fuse for blinkers on kenworth T800?

There isn't a separate fuse for the blinkers... they share a fuse with other lights. If no other lights are out, then you're looking at a different problem... might be a bad switch, might be faulty wiring.

Interior lights in your 2000 impala don't work what do you need to check?

A blown fuse will cause your 2000 Chevrolet Impala interior lights to stop working. The fuse box can be located in the engine compartment. A listing of the fuses can be found on the inside cover of the fuse box.

Is there a fuse for dash lights exterior running and tail lights including license plate lamp?

On my 2000 SE wagon it was Fuse #32 located in the underdash fuse panel - BUT check your owners manual first.

Why do truck turn signal lights work but not the turn signal lights on the trailer?

There are separate fuses for trailer signal lights in main fuse panel

What fuse control the cruise control in a 2000 dodge stratus?

The cruise system shares fuses with the engine and brake lights. If the car runs and the brake lights work, it is not a fuse.

Why would your blinkers go out even after you have changed the fuse but your hazard lights work?

Separate circuits.

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