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there ia a fuse on some but un-fortunetly you didn say what kind of car or the year.

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Q: Is there a fuse that runs to the purple wire to the starter?
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Is there a fuse that runs to the purple wire to the starter in a 77 Chevy pickup?

Yes and it should be in your fuse block. Chances are that it is a relay fuse and you won't be able to tell if it is blown or not.

What is purple wire for on starter 1980 camaro?

The purple wire for on starter 1980 Camaro is the solenoid wire. The wire can be dark purple or purple in color.

What does the purple wire on a starter connect to?

It is the ignition wire. The purple wire goes to the small stud on starter.

Where does the purple wire from the starter go and what is its purpose?

The small purple wire on the "S" terminal of an older GM vehicle starter would lead to the ignition switch. With the key in the start (crank) position, the purple wire signals the starter solenoid to engage the starter.

To find a fuse for the starter in the fuse box for a 2001 SL2 Saturn?

The wire from the battery to the starter does not include a fuse.

Why would your starter fuse pop?

Bad starter, shorted wire

What color wire is the ignition switch on a 1969 camaro?

purple is the trigger wire for the starter. Yellow is the ignition wire.

Replaced starter and battery both battery and starter work after tests car wont start stillfound that a purple wire that goes to the starter is getting no power what could be the problem?

purple wire comes from park netural switch .yellow wire come from ingintion switch to park netural switch

Can you run a power wire to the starter from the fuse box it will not stay charge?


Why would the ignition starter fuse in a 2002 grand am blow when you start the car?

what size fuse is it it would need to be a 30 amp fuse for the starter solenoid after that your starter solenoid could be shorting if you take the wire that comes from the key off the starter (normally the small wire on its own going onto the solenoid on top of the starter)then turn the key same as if you were starting the engine if the fuse doesn't blow then you need a new solenoid for the starter or a new starter if the price is right if the fuse does blow with the wire off the solenoid then you have a short in the wiring loom check the loom for break or cracks there is a good chance the wire is after wearing against the engine somewhere if this is the case tape it over and tie it back from the engine

On a 1997 ford f150 where is the fuse located for the starter?

The starter doesn't have a standard fuse like a panel fuse, more commonly it has the "fusible link" a medium gauge wire going up to the starters solenoid, you can identify these by mid thickness colored wires with a black "bulge" on them. But more than likely it's probably just your starter solenoid goin out. Nope, no fuse. Direct wire from battery to starter.

How do you fix or find a short in a wire that causes the starter fuse on a 2004 Dodge Neon to keep blowing?

Disconnect the wire at the starter and try the ignition. My guess is that the starter itself is the problem. If the fuse does not blow then it is the starter, if it does blow then go to the relay center in the engine compartment and check the starter relay. Work your way back to the ignition switch.

Starter Wiring diagram Chevy 350?

starter on 67 camaro which wire goes were. There are two one purple one yellow.

Why does the starter fuse keep blowing when you turn the key?

Because there is a short in the system. You need to check:Disconnect the ING ( The trigger ) wire at the starter or starter solenoid. It will be one of or the only small wire (14 gauge) Test with new fuse. (I had a wire touching the body of the starter on my dodge truck, just had to bend it away and secure it)If the fuse does not blow the starter or the starter solenoid is faulty. Most likely the item it wires directly to.If the fuse still blows you need to trace the wires back and find the short. If the wiring for this is inside the steering column that is what I would suspect next.

Why did my Remote starter stopped working?

either the neutral safety wire is not grounded, or hoodpin wire is grounded. or the fuse is blown

Why does your 2001 stratus keep blowing a 20 amp starter fuse?

faulty wiring or too low of a fuse, shorting out because the wire is touching metal or another wire

Which wires go where on a 99 Saturn starter?

the purple wire goes on the little stud The red and the orange wire go on the big stud

1997 jeep tj 40amp maxi fuse for starting circuit keeps blowingreplace fuse starts again but will blow at anytime again have had starter replaced?

Worn or frayed wire to starter?

Where is the starter fuse-ible link on 1977 chevy truck?

the fuse is the last 8" or so of the large red #10 wire that attaches to the large starter solenoid bat. terminal.

How is the Starter wired on a 1969 Chevelle?

The battery cable on the positive side goes to the starter. The purple wire goes from the ignition switch to the neutral safety switch then down to the starter. On the solenoid the is a "R" and that is where the wire from the coil goes. The "R" means resistor

How do I bypass the solenoid on a 1994 Volkswagen Passat?

Starter solenoid? Jump the trigger wire (small) and the cable that runs to the starter

What are the wiper motor wire colors for an S10?

The wire color for a windshield wiper motor in an S10 pickup that connects to the fuse is white. The high speed wire is purple, the low speed wire is gray.

Your 2001 2.7 dodge stratus keeps blowing starter fuses?

You have a ground wire that isn't grounded causing a shortage therefore blowing the fuse....I would start with the ground wire that is connected directly to the starter itself

What is the ignition wire color for a 1998 Saturn?

the wire is Yellow coming out of the ignition switch going to the Neutural safety switch, then purple from the neutual safety switch to the starter

Ignition wire color code and starter wire?

The ignition wire in a Nissan 350z is black and red. The starter wire is white/red and the second starter wire is white/green.