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Web Site Testing Checklist General ❒ Are all tests being run on "clean" machines? ❒ Does the system do what it is intended to do? ❒ Does it provide the correct results? ❒ Does the system provide all the functions and features expected? ❒ Can the typical user run the system without aggravation? ❒ Is it easy to learn and use? ❒ Does the system provide or facilitate customer service? i.e. responsive, helpful, accurate? ❒ Can the accuracy and trustworthiness of the system easily be confirmed? ❒ Can the system easily be modified or fixed? ❒ Are the developers able to deliver or modify the system within the timeframe when it is needed? ❒ Do existing features, which have not been changed, perform the same way they did in earlier versions? ❒ Does the system make efficient use of hardware, network, and human resources? ❒ Does the system comply with the relevant technical standards? ❒ Does the system comply with the appropriate regulatory requirements? ❒ Can the system be validated to prove it works in an acceptable manner? ❒ Can some of the components be re-used in other systems? ❒ Can the system be quickly and easily installed on a variety of platforms by a variety of users? ❒ Are there planned future upgrade paths as the use of the system grows? ❒ Is information archived and easily retrievable? ❒ Is the Web site searchable? Usability, Interface and Navigation ❒ Can the system work effectively for one user, ten users or a thousand? ❒ Does the home page load quickly? ❒ Are the instructions on how to use the site clear to the user? ❒ If you follow each instruction does the expected result occur? ❒ Is all terminology understandable for all of the site's intended users? ❒ Is a navigational bar present on every screen? ❒ Is the navigation bar consistently located? ❒ Can a user navigate using text only? ❒ Can a user navigate without the use of a mouse? ❒ Can your site be used by the visually impaired? Red/Green Color-Blind, less than 20/20 vision, etc. ❒ Does tabbing work consistently, in a uniform manner? ❒ Is there a link to home on every single page? ❒ Is page layout consistent from page to page? ❒ Is each page organized in an intuitive manner? ❒ Are graphics used consistently? ❒ Are graphics optimized for quick downloads? ❒ Do all the images add value to each page, or do they simply waste bandwidth? ❒ Are graphics being used the most efficient use of file size? ❒ Does text wrap properly around pictures/graphics? ❒ Are all referenced web sites or email addresses hyperlinked? ❒ Are hyperlink colors standard? ❒ Does the site look good on 640 x 480, 600x800 etc.? ❒ Are fonts too small to read (remember not everyone may have the same vision as you)? ❒ Are fonts too large? ❒ Is all text properly aligned? ❒ Are all graphics properly aligned? ❒ Do pages print legibly without cutting off text? ❒ Does the site have a site map? ❒ Does each hyperlink on the map actually exist? ❒ Are there hyperlinks on the site that are not represented on the map? ❒ Does each hyperlink work on each page? ❒ Is content legally correct (i.e. not filler content placed on site by developers during unit testing)? ❒ Is the page background (color) distraction free? ❒ Does the Back button work as intended? It should not open a new browser window, redirect you to another site, prevent caching such that the Back navigation requires a fresh trip to the server; all hypertext navigation should be sub-second and this goes double for backtracking ❒ Does content remain if you need to go back to a previous page, or if you move forward to another new page? ❒ Can you get to your desired location with 3 or less clicks from the Home Page? ❒ Are all of the parts of a table or form present? Correctly laid out? Can you confirm that selected texts are in the "right place? ❒ Are all of the links on a page the same as they were before? Are there new or missing links? Are there any broken links? ❒ Does a link bring you to the page it said it would? ❒ Does the page you are linking to exist? ❒ Is contact information for the site owner readily visible and available (name, telephone number, email address, mailing address, fax number)? ❒ If a user wishes to bookmark a page, is the page name easily understandable? ❒ Does your site's Web address appear in the History list if the user allows for historical page recording? ❒ Does the status bar on each Web page accurately reflect the progress of page loading, information, etc.? Tables ❒ Does the user constantly have to scroll to the right to see items in a table? ❒ Do tables print out properly? ❒ Are the columns wide enough or does every row have to wrap around? ❒ Are certain rows excessively high because of one entry? . Frames ❒ Does your Web site handle browsers that do not support frames? ❒ Do frames resize automatically and appropriately? Is the user able to manipulate frame size? ❒ Does a scrollbar appear if required? ❒ On framed pages have you verified that what is actually recognized by the Bookmark or Favorites is appropriate? ❒ Can a search engine find content within the frames? ❒ Do the frame borders look right? ❒ Are there any issues related to refreshing within frames? Data Verification ❒ Is the site's intended use of data clearly depicted to the user? ❒ Is the Privacy Policy clearly defined and available for user access? ❒ Is the accuracy of stored data sustained? ❒ Has data been verified at the workstation? ❒ Has data been verified at the server? ❒ Have you ensured that what the user is entering on the workstation is yielding the right information on the server? ❒ Are you prevented from entering the same information multiple times (order forms, free samples, etc.)? ❒ Is a unique identifier assigned to each user entering form data? ❒ Is data that is requested of the user essential to the process for which it is requested? For example do you need a user's date of birth in order to process his book order or are you simply asking for too much user information? ❒ Can text be entered in numeric fields? ❒ Can wildcards be used in searches? ❒ Can spaces and blank values be entered in fields? ❒ Are long strings accepted? ❒ Do fields allow for the maximum amount of text to be entered? ❒ Are the initial values of checkboxes and radio buttons correct? ❒ Are you restricted to only selecting one radio button in a group at one time? ❒ Do check boxes trigger the desired event? ❒ Are users prevented from entering HTML code in form fields? ❒ Is intelligent error handling built into your data verification? IE. If Date of Birth is a required field MM/DD/YYYY, it is unlikely that the person entering the data was born in 1857. External Interfaces ❒ Does the system interface correctly with related external systems? ❒ Have all possible interfaces been identified? ❒ Have all supported browsers been tested? ❒ Have all error conditions related to external interfaces been tested when external application is unavailable or server inaccessible? ❒ Has proxy caching been tested? ❒ Have all external applications that may be launched from within the Web site been tested? Internal Interfaces ❒ Can the Web site support users who can not perform downloads? ❒ Can the Web site work with firewalls? ❒ If the site uses plug-ins, can the site still be used without them? ❒ Can the site support all plug-ins that are needed for the Web site at various modem and PC speeds? ❒ Will all versions of plug-ins work together? ❒ Can all linked documents be supported/opened on all platforms (i.e. can Microsoft Word be opened on Solaris)? ❒ Do all plug-ins work with all Browsers? ❒ Does the site lose usability, if Java is not enabled? ❒ Do all plug-ins load properly? ❒ Are failures handled if there are errors in download? ❒ Does the site function with the use of "non-standard" hardware (speakers, cable modems, etc.) ❒ Can you Download Signed ActiveX Controls? ❒ Can you Download Unsigned ActiveX Controls? ❒ Can you initialize and script ActiveX controls not marked as safe? ❒ Can you Run ActiveX controls and plug-ins? ❒ Can you Script ActiveX controls marked safe for scripting? ❒ Does your solution require cookies? ❒ Does your solution work even if users disable cookies? ❒ Does your solution allow per-session cookies? ❒ Does your solution require file downloads? ❒ What if a user does not want to download files, can the site still be used? ❒ Does your solution require special fonts? ❒ Does your solution require users to access data sources across multiple sites/domains? ❒ Can users apply drag and drop functionality? ❒ Can users use copy/paste functionality? ❒ Does your solution require the installation of any desktop items? ❒ Does your solution require the launching or installation of any files that require frames? ❒ Are you able to submit unencrypted form data? ❒ Does the site allow paste operations via scripts? Browsers - IE, Netscape, AOL, Mac, etc. ❒ Is the HTML version being used compatible with appropriate browser versions? ❒ Is Java Code/Scripts usable by the browsers under test? ❒ Do images display correctly with browsers under test? ❒ Have you verified that fonts are usable on any of the browsers? ❒ Have you checked the Security Settings/Risks as they relate to each browser? ❒ Have you verified digital certificates across multiple browsers? ❒ Have you verified that plug-ins work with the browsers you are testing with your site? ❒ Have you safeguarded against viewing source code? ❒ Have you printed your site's content from various browsers? ❒ Impact of Content Size on Infrastructure (reliability, consistency) ❒ Have you verified Applets to Frames Compatibility? ❒ Human Engineering - color codes - visual presentation ❒ Have you tested Mouse vs. Key Strokes within various browsers? ❒ Have you implemented intelligent error handling (from disabling cookies, etc.)? ❒ Have you verified the use of 128-bit Encryption? ❒ Have you tested Animated GIFs across browsers? Cookies ❒ Has information stored in cookies been verified? ❒ Is cookie information encrypted? ❒ Is cookie information being incremented properly? ❒ Have you prevented cookies from being editable by the user? ❒ Have you checked to see what happens if a user deletes cookies while in site? ❒ Have you checked to see what happens if a user deletes cookies after visiting a site? ❒ Are cookies being stored in the proper directory? ❒ Is cookie information correct and valid for the user accessing the site? Load/Concurrent Usage ❒ Does the system meet its goals for response time, throughput, and availability? ❒ Is the system able to handle extreme or stressful loads? ❒ Is the system able to continue operating correctly over time without failure? ❒ Does the system operate in the same way across different computer and network configurations, platforms and environments, with different mixes of other applications? ❒ Have you monitored CPU usage, response time, disk space, memory utilization and leaks? ❒ Have you defined standards for response time (i.e. all screens should paint within 10 seconds)? ❒ Have you verified Firewall, Certificate, Service Provider and Customer Network impact? ❒ Is page loading performance acceptable over modems of different speeds? ❒ Can the site sustain long periods of continuous usage by 1 user? ❒ Can the site sustain long periods of usage by multiple users? ❒ Can the site sustain short periods of usage at high volume? ❒ Can the site sustain large transactions without crashing? ❒ Will the site allow for large orders without locking out inventory if the transaction is invalid? Error Handling ❒ Are automatic error detection and recovery mechanisms built in to try to keep the system operating no matter what? ❒ If the system does crash, are the re-start and recovery mechanisms efficient and reliable? ❒ If you leave the site in the middle of a task does it cancel? ❒ If you lose your internet connection does the transaction cancel? ❒ Does your solution handle interruptions in file transfer? ❒ Does your solution handle browser crashes? ❒ Does your solution handle network failures between Web site and application servers? ❒ Does your solution handle the database server becoming inaccessible? ❒ Does the application notify the user of transaction status? ❒ Does the site include 24 x 7 monitoring of performance? ❒ Email protocol/limitations of monitoring software - MAPI ❒ Does your site include Connectivity to a Paging System? ❒ Timing - continual, hourly, daily, weekly ❒ Hardware limitations - does the monitoring software have to run on a dedicated machine? ❒ Memory - leaks, cache, issues of resulting from continual running Network Impacts ❒ Have you considered 32-bit vs. 64-bit versions of IP? ❒ Have you tested the impact of Secure Proxy Server? Security ❒ Is security adequate? ❒ Is confidentiality/user privacy protected? ❒ Is access only successful with 128 bit browsers? ❒ Does the site prompt for user name and password? ❒ Does site ask for personal information of children? If so, is it acquired through secure pages with warning information for parents? ❒ Are there Digital Certificates, both at server and client? ❒ Have you verified where encryption begins and ends? ❒ Are concurrent log-ons permitted? ❒ Does the application include time-outs due to inactivity? ❒ Is bookmarking disabled on secure pages? ❒ Does the key/lock display on status bar for insecure/secure pages? ❒ Is Right Click, View, Source disabled? ❒ Are you prevented from doing direct searches by editing content in the URL? ❒ If using Digital Certificates, test the browser Cache by enrolling for the Certificate and completing all of the required security information. After completing the application and installation of the certificate, try using the <-- BackSpace key to see if that security information is still residing in Cache. If it is, then any user could walk up to the PC and access highly sensitive Digital Certificate security information. ❒ Is there an alternative way to access secure pages for browsers under version 3.0, since SSL is not compatible with those browsers? ❒ Do your users know when they are entering or leaving secure portions of your site? ❒ Does your server lock out an individual who has tried to access your site multiple times with invalid login/password information?

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Q: Is there a generic checklist for Website Testing?
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