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Is there a known issue with the rear brake lights on the 2000 Olds Bravada?

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there was a recall on the hazard light switch that caused the rear brake lights (minus the high mount 3rd light) to stay on. the hazard lights and turn signals still worked. there was only an electrical malfuntion in the hazard lamp switch on the steering column. go to your nearest dealer, they will fix it for free and it only takes about 1/2 hour

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Who invented brake lights?

The development of the first brake light is not actually known. They appeared in 1905 but took a while to catch on. By 1928 11 US States adopted brake lights

You have no stop or turn lights on your 96 suburban K2500 All fuses are good Is there a relay Are they all tied together through the brake light switch?

The brake lights and signal lights are tied together in the signal switch, also known as the "multifunction switch".

Brake lights on 98 citroen xsara worked now don't bulbs fine?

Try looking at the wires at the top by the hinges of the boot lid. the wires are inside a rubber sleeve and they are known to break, hence no brake lights

Do rear brake led lights on 2002 Chevy blazer burn out?

The center high mount led brake light unit has been known to go bad.

Where is the Mazda B2300 brake light switch located?

All brake light switches are mounted directly behind the brake pedal on a bracket that holds it in place with a electrical push pin that moves in and out when the pedal is depressed.If you have no brake lights but,your tail lights work with your headlight switch on for parking lights the brake light switch needs to be either adjusted and if after this if this does not correct the issue,replace the brake light switch.Most auto zone,advance auto parts,napa will carry this part and very easy to replace.Too easy.Note make sure the bulbs are known to be good in the tail lights by looking at the elements inside and not fried (wire is not solid from left to right side in the bulb) If only one side is not working it would be the bulb,however if both are not the info above answers that.

What would cause the brake lights on a 1989 Honda Civic to stay on even after the car is turned off?

There is a bushing that the brake light switch rest against when the brake pedal is not depressed. They are known to break. You can get a replacement bushing from any Honda dealer for around $5.00. Just tell them your brake lights stay on all the time and they will know what to give you.

Brake lights on a 2002 Gran Prix not working but the the one in the back glass is you replaced bulbs but the brake lights still do not work Would it be the brake light switch?

Nonfunctional LightsI'm not familiar with your 2002 Gran Prix, but the problem you describe is universal to all vehicles.The fact that the "third" brake light [in the rear window package tray] IS WORKING, indicates that the brake light switch IS WORKING properly!!!!!That suggests that the reason that the other two brake lights are not working is that there is an "open" condition in the wiring circuit to the other two brake lights. This is confirmed by the fact you replaced the lamps [bulbs] in those other lamp holders with known good lamps.There could be several causes for an open circuit, but the most common include:One of the connector plugs in the wiring harness to the brake lights has become disconnected, orCorrosion has built up inside of one of the connectors [one that feeds both brake lights, which will be in the circuit "ahead" [upstream] of where the wiring harness "splits" off between the two brake lights].Very remote is the possibility that the ground wires on both light assemblies has been disconnected, cut, or corroded.

Where is fuse for brake lights on 1988 Acura Legend?

the fuce for the brake lights is located in the kick panel, witch is also located on the drivers side left were your feet rest when you drive, also this is known as the fuse panel. you will need to remove the 3"x3"cover in order to get to it

Why do you have no brake lights?

The most common reason is a bulb failure. If the bulb is known working, or replacing the bulb does not cure the problem, look to the fuse, switch and wiring.

No brake lights or turn signals on your 98 GM Z71?

If the fuses and bulbs are okay you may have a bad signal switch also known as a multifunction switch.

What is wrong with a 1998 Dodge Ram when the abs and brake lights are on?

Had the same problem with my 2000 Dodge, all it was was low brake fluid???? Don't know if that will help. I HAD SAME PROBLEM WAS FIXED WITH A SIMPLE FUSE REPLACEMENT FOR BRAKE LIGHTS ABS AND BRAKE LIGHT WARNING LIGHTS WILL COME ON WHEN FUSE IS BLOWN FOR BRAKELIGHTS do you still have brakes if the light are on constantly have the brake and abs relays replaced. I had the same problem on my 99 ram 1500 4X4 Another thing to consider is whether or not the speedometer works at low speeds. If it doesn't read anything until about 25 mph, check the sensor on the top of the rear differential. It should show about 750 ohms if it is good. These are a known issue on Dodge trucks and generally show as an open circuit when they are bad. It is about a 10 minute job for the diy mechanic.

Why do brake lights stay on 2003 passat?

VW brake light switches are known to be faulty. I would have your dealer check your VIN number to see if there are any outstanding recalls for a brake light switch. Try pumping the brakes while the car is parked and see if they will go off..

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1997 mercury tracer why shift gear does not move when press the brake?

Check the shift unlock solenoid. The solenoid is known to go bad and cause this issue in a tracer.

Why do your brake lights stays on and you tried changing the switch but it still stays on?

Answer 1IF the switch is KNOWN to be good, then the problem is one of two things. First, the proper adjustment of brake light switches IS CRITICAL to proper operation.IF the adjustment is proper, then the only other cause would be that, somehow, the and/or a (any) "hot" wire is in contact with the wire from the brake light switch to the brake lights. This is a very unusual and almost never occurring situation.Most brake light switches are adjusted via screw threads on the mounting end of the switch which screws in or out of the mounting bracket which is also threaded.The best method of adjusting the switch is to have a helper stand at the rear of the vehicle to keep you posted regarding the ON-OFF status of the brake lights while you trial adjust the switch.To adjust the switch where the lights are staying on, "unscrew"/back out the switch from the mount just until the brake lights go out.Then press the brake pedal to make sure that you did not back the switch out too far. If so, screw it back in, one quarter turn at a time [testing between each adjustment] JUST UNTIL the brake lights turn on when the pedal is depresed, but goes out when the pedal is released. Good luck.

Why would the brake lights and turn signals not work with the headlights on?

4 way flasher switch on top of the steering colum is what I have found better known as the turn signal, wiper, cruise control.

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Why doesnt my night time brake lights work on my 2000 Toyota Camry?

The wiring is damaged. It's a known problem with that series. The most probable place to look for damage is the left trunk hinge.

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1991 Chevrolet Silverado have no brake lights nor signal lights on rear driver's side. have checked and double checked all bulbs. replace flasher. have rear park lights and have full light set up on p?

The taillight housiong on these trucks have a known problem. On the backside of the taillight housing is a circuitboard. They go bad.

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The Festival of Lights, also known as Diwali, is celebrated by Hindus.

The brake lights don't work on my 1986 Chevy Silverado even after I put in a new fuse and new bulbs. What could be wrong?

Check also the brake light switch and all associated wiring. You could have an "open" in the wiring which will not permit the electrical current to flow from the source to the bulbs. ** Yes, I agree. Then it could be your brake light switch which is located above the arm of your brake peddle. (When you press the pedal down the switch engages your brake lights.) These have been known to go wacky and will cause no brake light engaging. It is fairly easy to take out and install. The turn signals interrupt the brake lights (turn them off and on) while braking and signaling a turn. The best approach would be to get a wiring diagram and starting making voltage checks beginning at the fuse panel and going through the brake light switch and the turn signal portion of the circuit. Someone will have to step on the brake, of course. One of those little ice pick looking things with a wire coming out of it and going to an aligator clip - a test light - can be had for a few bucks at an auto parts store. Oh, and the emergency flasher unit turns both brake lights on and off. You'll need to check that portion of the circuit as well.

I have a 1998 Toyota 4 runner whose dash board lights and parking lights come on when car is off and brake is pressed could this have anything to do with the car's alarm system?

Sounds like a good place to start looking. Car alarm systems are known for causing electrical issues.