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My suggest is go talk to Lawyer and get this done quickly. Lawyer can give you an answer how to get this done. good luck. I see that this question has changed. Now, I can answer this better. Getting a lawyer won't do anything except cause you to spend more money. In fact, getting a lawyer will cost more than paying storage fees. You have insurance, correct? Then turn it over to your insurance company and file a claim. They will pay the charges in full. Why is it folks ALWAYS want to cut the towing companies. Did the towing company have anything to do with your car being jacked? NO!!!! They only performed a service when called upon. When your water heater burst, do you think a plumber should install another one FREE? After all, you were an innocent victim, it wasn't YOUR fault the heater broke....... he's right getting a lawyer what help

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Q: Is there a law that helps innocent crime victims like car jacked victims avoid payments for an impounded car from the towing company?
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