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The names of all the men who died on the USS Arizona are on a plaque at the Arizona Memorial in Pearl Harbor. ANSWER Also available online :

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Q: Is there a list of names of the men who were killed in Pearl Harbor?
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What are the names of the survivers of Pearl Harbor?

list the names of the survivers at pearl harbor?

List of names of the soldiers that died at pearl harbor?

See website: Attack on Pearl Harbor.

What was the names of the people killed at Pearl Harbor names?

That question is too general to answer. There were far too many people killed at Pearl Harbor to be named off the bat. You might be able to find a listing somewhere online, but other than that, your question can't really be answered. >

Where is a list of the people killed in Pearl Harbor?

At the memorial place in Oahu at Pearl Harbor there's like this little boat thing and it has a name of all the soldiers or whatever that died. There's a lot. There is a memorial at Pearl Harbor. they have a floating boat i guess you could say that floats over the U.S.S Arizona with all of the names of victims in the attack ANSWER: This list is online and can be found here:

List of Names of injured soldiers at Pearl Harbor?

To find the list of names of injured soldiers at Pearl Harbor, you would need to contact the military records office. You may also need to contact the Hawaiian Tourism Board. These agencies will be able to connect you to existing lists of soldiers that were injured at Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. Some of the names of injured soldiers at Pearl Harbor include Kenneth M. Taylor, George Welch, Harry W. Brown, Phillip M. Rasmussen, and others.

How many people died on the uss California in pearl harbor?

crew list of uss california at pearl harbor

List of Pearl Harbor survivors?

art gregory

Where can you find the names of Navy personel who graduated from Seattle Washington academy on September 30 1941 and died at Pearl Harbor?

The best way would be to write to the Academy and request the information. There are many websites that chronicle the events of the attack on Pearl Harbor. A complete list of casualties can be found on the Full Casualty List of Pearl Harbor site. Please refer to the link on this answer page for more information.

How many more Pearl Harbor casualties were there than nagasaki and hiroshima?

During the attack of Pearl Harbor, 2,402 men were killed and 1,282 were wounded. On the other hand, 90,000-166,000 people died in Hiroshima and 60,000-80,000 in Nagasaki as a result of the use of the atom bomb. In the related links box, I posted the complete list of the Pearl Harbor casualties.

What were the mens names that survived pearl harbor?

I found a link of men who survived the bombing of the USS Arizona but not a list of all who survived the attack in general.

Is there a list of US army soldiers that were killed in the Pearl Harbor Attack?

This link lists all casualties broken down by their unit so you will have to click around a bit:

Is there a list of soldiers on duty at Pearl Harbor on Dec 7 1941?

that is classified

What were the cities on the bombing list?

No cities were targeted at Pearl Harbor; only the military bases.

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Pearl Harbor, Pineapple Industry, Tsunami and more

Is there a list of names of the soldiers killed on Iwo Jima?

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List of names of soldiers killed n Vietnam?

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Do you have a list of men who survived pearl harbor?

I have found a list of living survivors from the Arizona - posted last year. There is a list of survivors in the back pages of 'The USS Arizona' written by Jasper/Delgado/Adams. I have not found a list of survivors for the battle itself however.

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