Is there a problem with the intake manifold gasket on the Chevy Lumina?

I wish I knew the answer because today, after starting my 96 we got a leaking on the drive way of antifreeze. I jacked up the car and let it run trying to trace it. I see a little pool/bubble of antifreeze right between the heads on the drivers side. I am assuming the gasket on a car that only has 52,000 miles! Anyone know how much has to come apart on top to get at these gaskets? How many hours? What a service garage would charge?


yes there are problems with the gasket (there is a recall / tsb ) for certain models. the most common failure lets coolant and oil mix. teltale sign is low coolant frequently and if you pull the dipstick the oil looks like "cocoa".i have a 96 with the 3.1 and from research i have done it appears the "permanent" dexcool antifreeze eats the gasket. I'm in the Chicago area and it cost me $512.00 to have the job done. the problem is with the lower intake manifold gasket. go a "Google" on lumina lower intake and follow the leads.