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Is there a repair manual for the 1991 Mercury Capri xr2 turbo?



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You will not find an after market service manual for the 90-94 mercury capri from either Chiltons or Haynes. I have looked high and low...the Ford dealers in America don't even want to help out with anything connected to the 90-94 Mercury capri. They say a service manual is not avalible. After many days...weeks of research, I have found a web site that can help you out. They have downloadable material for servicing the 90-94 Capri.

i got a factory service manual thru ford but took about 6 weeks and i had to do alot of the foot work for them.cost is a little over $100 will need a couple 3 ring binders to hold it all.but tells you anything and everything you want to know.