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Is there a step by step guide to installing new rotors and brakes on the front of a 2000 Cadillac Catera?


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2005-01-06 21:11:09
2005-01-06 21:11:09

Go to your local library and check out the mechanics book that goes for that year of auto.


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It has both Rotors and Pads. In other words disc brakes

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If you only did the front brakes, the problem may be in the rear brakes.

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Were the rotors resurfaced or replaced, or just the pads? Warped rotors are the most common cause of vibration when braking

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Your rotors had the grooves before, from the old pads. You should have had them turned. Next time check rotors at time of fitting new pads. If you can see or feel grooves then they should be repaired.

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I believe you need to turn a rotor or both rotors. They probably were not turned on your brake job It is cheaper to just replace the rotor than to have it turned, I have found this is a typical problem on the Catera

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