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Sometimes a used car will still have the manufacturer's warranty on it, if it's under the mileage and/or time from initial sale; this depends on the manufacturer. (I know Hyundai will honor its 10-year, 100,000-mile warranty even if the vehicle is sold.) Some used-car dealers will offer their own warranty. Most will offer a third-party warranty for an extra price. some used car lots give very limited waranties others sell waranties Some used cars still have remaining warranties on them whether from manufacturer or an extension. Used car dealers or business owners also give out warranties on specific cars. Depends on the deal that you guys can work on. The best way to determine if a car has warranties is to search up cars classifieds online and locate sellers whether private, dealer or business that gives out warranties to cars. Choose the best deal for you to save more on money.

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Q: Is there a warranty on a used car purchase?
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How can I obtain a used car warranty?

You can purchase a used car warranty most of the time for used cars. You do not have to do anything separately to get one - usually when you talk to financing at the dealership they will go over the warranty at the same time of the car sale. You can purchase a warranty without any issue on cars made within the last 5 years.

How do you purchase an extended car warranty?

If the warranty that come with your car isn't satisfactory you can purchase n extended warranty. An extended car warranty is bought usually from an insurance company. There re some companies that specialize in these types of warranties.

Is there a warrenty when you purchase a car at a used car auction?

Get an extended warranty whenever you buy a used car. We'll review extended car warranty companies like Warranty Direct. Be sure to read our chapter on Extended Warranty Scams & Tips. If you buy a used car and an extended warranty, and if the car is found to have a salvaged title, it will void your extended warranty. You'll be out several hundred dollars. one can also link to DMV Web Sites For All 50 States.

What is the New York law on returning a used car with no warranty how many days do you have to return a used car with no warranty?

You cannot return a used or new car with or without a warranty. The cooling off period or buyer's remorse law does not apply to the purchase of an automobile. It only applies to unsolicited purchases.

What website should i use to purchase my car warranty?

When your car warranty has expired the best place to check to purchase one would be at

What rights do you have when purchasing a used vehicle in Texas?

Texas does not have a used car lemon law. If you buy a car "AS IS" know that you have no warranty at all. The buyers remorse law does not apply to the purchase of a new or used vehicle. If the car is sold with a warranty, typically the warranty covers the power-train for a set time and or mileage. The warranty may only cover 50% of the repairs. Read the warranty to see what it covers and for how much.

Is it a good idea to purchase an extended car warranty?

I think it's a great idea to purchase an extended car warranty. I tried to purchase one for my 1996 Saturn, but I already had too many miles on my car and I didn't qualify.

How would you word a warranty on a used car?

"As Is" is a key word to place in the warranty of a used car.

What types of warranties are available on used cars?

In addition some used cars that are Certified will come with a warranty and that warranty may be even better than a new car warranty. Honda offers a 8 year 70,000 mile warranty on Certified Used Honda's in my area of the country.Depending on the age of the car it may still be under factory warranty. Many dealerships also offer extended warranties that are available for purchase.

Is there a company who would still offer any type of warranty if people buy used 2000 dodge pick ups?

If you purchase the vehicle from a reputable car dealer, they offer a warranty at the time of purchase. You choose which components you want covered on the warranty.

Is there a warranty for used cars?

You can still purchase a warranty for a used car. Also, sometimes "used" cars are actually still relatively new, and even are still covered by the factory warranty. Ask the sales person about warranties for all cars you are looking at.

If a used car tears up within days of purchase can you return it?

No. With very few exceptions, a used car has no warranty from the seller. It is buyer beware. That is why the buyer of a used car should always show it to a mechanic for an inspection. AAA will inspect used cars before purchase for their members.

If you buy a new car and get an extended warranty when you sell the car will the warranty go with the car?

Some do and some don't. Read the warranty information and it will tell you if it is transferrable. Extended warranties are rarely a smart purchase.

What is the Florida law on returning a used car with a warranty how many days do you have to return a used car with a warranty?

You do not have any days. You cannot return a used or new car. You buy it, you own it. The cooling off period or buyers remorse laws do not apply to the purchase of a vehicle. They only apply to un-solicited sales. Now if you are asking about warranty repairs, then you have until the warranty period runs out, be it mileage or time.

How can one get a used car extended warranty in the US?

You can learn how to get a Used Car Extended Warranty in the United States by going on the website of wikihow/extended warranty for a car. They will walk you through step by step on how to get a Used Car Extended warranty and not get ripped off while doing it.

How could somebody get an extended warranty on their automobile?

One can acquire an extended warranty on their automobile when they first purchase it, this is always available at that time. When buying a used vehicle from a car dealer, one can usually purchase extended warranty at this time as well. If you are looking for it after the purchase, there are companies who will sell you extended warranty, usually at a higher price than if you bought it when you purchased the vehicle.

What warranty options should I purchase?

If you are purchasing a new vehicle then there is no need for you to have to shop for extended car warranties. When you purchase your vehicle you will be given the option to purchase an extended warranty at that time.

Is there a way I can get an auto warranty extension.?

It is possible to purchase a warranty for your vehicle even after the current warranty has expired. However, one should be advised that it is best to purchase this type of warranty while the car is still rather young.

What is the best deal for a used car warranty? is the best spot i have found. They offer great deals on used car warranty and i have had a great pleasure with there warranty.

Where can one get an extended car warranty?

You could purchase an extended warranty on your vehicle by the company that manufactures your car. You should be able to find a number for that company inside your car guide.

What protects consumers who purchase used cars?

The said used vehicle may have a remainder of a factory warranty that came with the car, or a dealer's warranty. For example, if you went to a used car lot and every vehicle with less than 100,000 miles on the vehicle, you may qualify for warranty for that vehicle. The dealership may also have options for consumer protection.

Where can I buy cheap car warranty?

I would talk to your car manufacturer to get the best and cheap car warranty. They all have deals available to sell you as many do not purchase car warranties when buying these days.

What are good reasons to buy a used car?

Used cars are generally cheaper to purchase and to provide insurance for. Frequently, you can buy a certified used car, which would include a warranty, you can easily trace the history of a used car and you can buy from a private party.

Does a new car warranty begin at contract to purchase date or delivery date of vehicle If you purchase a new car in March but don't take delivery until April how is your new car warranty calculated?

The warranty starts the day you take delivery, and buy the car. No it doesn't. The warranty starts from the date of registration. So if you ask a dealer to register the car on the 31st March and you don't take delivery until the 15th April, your warranty starts from 31st March.

How can one get extended car warranties?

When purchasing a vehicle from a dealership, one should speak with his or her salesperson about purchasing an extended warranty on the car being purchased. One may also purchase the extended warranty on a car up to 31 days after purchase.