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No your body is on a cycle and sheds the lining of the uterus for so many days sorry but there is no way to make your period go away faster although some forms of Birth Control can shorten your periods make them less painful and put them on a more regular time period....hope this helps good luck and God Bless!!!!1

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2006-03-31 06:03:07
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Q: Is there a way to get rid of your period as soon as possible-if you want to stop bleeding quickly?
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Is there a way to get rid of your period as soon as possible if you want to stop bleeding quickly?

Hi there Im not a doctor but this is from personal experience There is no way to stop your period quickly but if you live in the uk like me you can try the pill which delays your period until you stop taking it If this is not a option gentle excerise can ease heavy bleeding and doing stretches hope this helps xxx

Is acute bleeding of the esophagus life threatening?

According to "The goal of treatment is to stop acute bleeding as soon as possible, and treat varices with medicines and medical procedures. Bleeding must be controlled quickly to prevent shock and death."

Is it normal to have a 2 week period after inserting Mirena?

Yes, you may have unscheduled bleeding after inserting Mirena. Bleeding should slow down and stop soon. Contact your health care provider if the bleeding is bothersome.

I was bleeding a little bit but didn't get your period?

this might be because if you have not started your period yet then it is a sign that you will start very soon so be careful that you dont leak when your out

What if you get your period when you skip it while on the pill?

Unscheduled bleeding can happen if you try to skip your period using the pill. It's not dangerous, but it may be annoying. It should stop soon.

Is it possible to be pregnant but still have bleeding and negative test results?

Yes. Bleeding can come from "implantation bleeding". Negative test results can come from testing too soon. Wait to take a pregnancy test the day of a missed period.

How soon does Depo-Provera stop menstrual bleeding?

sometimes right away, but some people still get their period after having the shot.

How long after you get your tongue pierced does take to stop bleeding?

It should be soon after, within an hour. The tongue heals very quickly. It will, however, be sore for days.

How soon can you skip your period after starting nuvaring?

You can skip your period right at the first cycle of NuvaRing if you like. Just remember that you may experience bleeding between periods if you do so.

Can a gunshot wound go away after time?

No because soon you will lose conscienceness from bleeding which will soon be eternal bleeding then you die.

Is it possible to have a long period after inserted Mirena?

Yes, you may have prolonged bleeding after insertion of Mirena, but it should slow down and stop relatively soon. Call your heatlh care provider if the bleeding is bothersome.

What is implantation bleeding and how soon can you get it?

When the fertilised egg (zygote) burrows into the wall of the uterus (implantation) it my cause a little bleeding, not more than a spot or two. This usually occurs 6-10 days after ovulation and fertilisation, so anything from a week before a period is due up until the period. About 25% of women have implantation bleeding.

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