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Yes - remove the rear seat cushion. On the front of it near each end are plastic "buttons"; you should be able to feel them if you run hour fingers under where the cushion sits on the floorpan. Unlatch them, get the cushion out of there, and you will see a metal plate in the center of the area with a wire harness coming out of it (possible covered under a plastic sheet). Unplug it, remove the screws from the cover, shove the grommet for the wire harness through the hole, and you can remove the plate. You now have access to the fuel pump and the fuel line connections. Now the bad news - if your tank is like mine was, the ring that connects the fuel pump to the tank is so badly corroded that it will be about impossible to remove and your best bet will be to remove the tank and replace it with a used one that includes the pump.

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Q: Is there another way to remove the fuel pump on a 1994 Ford Escort LX liter besides removing the gas tank?
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== ==

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