Is there any Italian traditions at meal times?

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What is the traditional post-Ramadan meal?

It is the sunnah (a practice preferred because Prophet Muhammad, God bless him and grant him peace, did it) to break the fast with dates and water. The iftar meal, most often taken just after sunset or immediately after the maghreb (early evening) prayer, varies greatly from one culture to anot ( Full Answer )

Traditional jamaican Christmas meal?

Jamaican dishes are certainly some of the most attractive and delicious meals to grace any table; especially if the meals are for a special occasion. Christmas is one very special time of the year for Jamaicans, as is the case for so many other nationalities. Some of the Jamaican traditional Christm ( Full Answer )

What does the most traditional Japanese meal consist of?

A traditional Japanese meal consists of grilled fish or chicken, pickled vegetables, edamame (soy bean pods), gyoza (dumplings) and of course rice. This meal is normally served in a bento box, it is a box shaped container and can be a delicately hand crafted one or a simple disposable plastic box.

In Armenia what is the traditional Christmas Eve meal?

In Armenia, the traditional Christmas Eve meal consists of fried fish, lettuce, and spinach. The meal is traditionally eaten after the Christmas Eve service, in commemoration of the supper eaten by Mary on the evening before Christ's birth.

What is 'Have a good meal' in Italian?

Buon appetito is an Italian equivalent of 'Have a good meal'. In the word by word translation, the masculine adjective 'buono' means 'good'. The masculine gender noun 'appetito' means 'appetite'. The phrase is pronounced 'BWOH-nahp-pay-TEE-toh'.

Traditional Thanksgiving meal?

A tradional Thanksgiving meal usually has turkey, mash potatoes, stuffing, corn, and cranberries. There reason for that is because it is a tradition the pilgrims established at the first Thanksgiving. Pie is a hit or miss. Your thanksgiving will probably be the same with or with out pie.

What is a traditional pre Ramadan meal?

Muslims live in every country and culture in the world, so dietary practices vary widely.. In Ramadan, the pre-fasting meal is called suhoor; the fast-breaking meal is called iftar. However, the particular menu of these meals varies widely. Most Muslims break the fast with dates, if they have them, ( Full Answer )

What is a traditional Easter meal in Hungary?

Lamb soup, and for seconds, roast lamb with potatoes, red cabbage and any other side dish.. I will add: traditionally, lamb, ham, and eggs are served for Easter. The ham and eggs are usually served boiled, and the ham is eaten with horseradish sauce. Many elaborate desserts are also served as part ( Full Answer )

What is a traditional Easter meal in Panama?

In Panama, Easter celebrations begins Thursday at noon when mostoffices are closed to business, and from that moment until Sunday,people donâ??t buy, nor drink alcohol. Then, in Sunday, theyprepare a drink called â??chimemeâ?? which is prepared by mixingmilk, corn and rice, and is seasoned ( Full Answer )

What is the traditional new year meal?

They eat many different things. It depends on who makes it and when you make it. They have quite alot of different rice dishes. They put fish, and occaisionally chicken or beef in their rish dishes. But remember, the Chinese don't eat alot of meat, with the exception of fish ( sushi) Hope i could he ( Full Answer )

What is the grace before meals in Italian?

"Benedici Signore noi e il cibo che stiamo per prendere, fà che non manchi mai a nessuno in nessuna parte del mondo, specialmente ai bambini" that means approximately "Bless us o Lord and the food we are going to have, let it not to lack to anyone anywhere in the world, especially to children" ( Full Answer )

What is a traditional meal in India?

Some staple foods are chupatties [a flabread , which can be plain or seasoned ], lots of rice , ghee , which is clarified butter and delicious . lots of vegetables, generally no beef for the Hindus and no pork for the Muslims. Fowl of all types, fish , and yogurt . The biggest differences are the se ( Full Answer )

What is the traditional meal at Christmas in Australia?

There is no "traditional" meal eaten at Christmas in Australia.Christmas dinner in Australia varies, often according to which partof Australia one lives in, and one's personal cultural heritage. Many Australians enjoy a traditional roast turkey, duck or chicken,and roast ham or honey-glazed ham is ( Full Answer )

When is the Italian main meal?

lunch can be a large meal in Italy about 1pm, but dinner can be be large too around 8pm. My sister who lives in Italy would say the evening meal.

What time do you have a meal?

Usually, in the morning for breakfast, noon for lunch, and later in the evening for dinner.

What meals do Italians eat?

Typically most Italian's still eat this way : small breakfast if any or just coffee, large meal at 1pm , then dinner at about 8pm.

When do Italians eat their main meal?

Italians eat their main meal over the lunch hour . Their breakfast and their dinner tend to be smaller than the equivalents in the United States of America. Oftentimes, families plan a little nap after the main meal. This keeps people inside during the heat of the day, and gives them energy to get ( Full Answer )

What is a traditional southern meal?

Chicken Fried Steak, Chicken and Dumplings, Fried Chicken, Fried Pork Chops, Collard Greens, rice and stewed tomatoes, Cornbread

What is 'Any time' in Italian?

In qualsiasi momento is an Italian equivalent of 'any time'. The words in Italian are pronounced 'een kwahl-see-AH-see moh-MEHN-toh'. In the word by word translation, the preposition 'in' means 'in'. The adjective 'qualsiasi' means 'any'. The masculine gender noun 'momento' means 'minute, mo ( Full Answer )

What is a traditional meal in Australia?

There is no truly traditional meal in Australia. Because Australia was "built on the sheep's back", lamb has becomeone of the more common foods, traditionally served as a Sundayroast. In modern times, the trend has moved away from lamb, with beef andpork being more popular, and chicken the most po ( Full Answer )

Who was in charge of preparing a traditional Roman meal?

For the plebs, this may have been the wife of the family, but we do know that in the patrician class, slaves were the ones in the kitchen cooking while the family entertained any guests that came to eat the "CENA".

Is lasagna an Italian meal?

Yes Lasagna (or lasagne) is definitely an Italian meal depending on what part of Italy the recipe originates it consists of alternate layers of pasta, cheese, a sauce, and other ingredients.

What time are Italian meal times?

Italians usually have breakfast as soon as they wake up, lunch at 1o'clock and dinner at 8 o' clock in the evening. people also have snacks in between.

What is 'nice meal' in Italian?

" Buon pasto " is an Italian equivalent of "nice meal." Specifically, the masculine adjective " buon "* means "good, nice." The masculine noun " pasto " means "meal." The pronunciation is "bwohn PAH-stoh." *The masculine adjective actually is " buono ." But the final " o " drops before a noun t ( Full Answer )

Has Tunisia got a traditional meal?

Cous-cous is considered to be the Tunisian National Dish. All Tunisians are convinced their version of this dish, hugely popular throughout North Africa and the Middle East, is the most authentic and delicious of all. Please follow the link below for a version of 'Tunisian' cous-cous. Please ( Full Answer )

What is 'a meal' when translated from English to Italian?

Un pasto is an Italian equivalent of the English phrase "a meal." The masculine singular cardinal number/indefinite article and noun also translate into English as "one meal." The pronunciation will be "oon PA-sto" in Italian.

What are Chinese traditions for preparing and partaking of a meal?

They sit down, say there prayers to Buddha (if Buddhist), They then say Ching-Nyou- Zhaitou, Chaihow(a prayer for good faith in Chinese tradition). They then serve the cat warm with the juices still in it. After they are done, they throw their plates out the window to show good faith.

How do you say great meal in Italian?

" Buon pasto " is an Italian equivalent of "great meal." Specifically, the masculine singular adjective " buon , buono "* means "good." The masculine singular noun " pasto " means "meal." Its singular definite article is " il " ("the"). Its singular indefinite article is " un , uno " ("a, one"). ( Full Answer )

What was a traditional meal from the 1914?

The traditional food in east is Rice and curry, the traditional food in the west is cheeseburger, salad and bread and peanut butter and pizza, pasta and lasagna

What fish meals do Italians eat?

Italians eat lots of fish and seafood. infact, one of their large holidays is called "the 7 fishes" and is celebrated on Christmas eve. bronzino is a fish typical of Italian cuisine. its often covered in course salt and baked whole. the salt forms a sort of shell and it is usually cracked open and ( Full Answer )

What are easy italian meals to make?

Pasta-based meals - though actually making your own pasta requires a certain amount of skill and/or the right tools; pasta chefs are their own discipline. Pizza is also simple to make - easiest with a ready-made base, but it is not so difficult to make your own bread base, and it can be very rewardi ( Full Answer )

What is a traditional Islamic meal?

There is no specific traditional Islamic meal. All food styles are allowed for Muslims to eat except what specifically declared as for bidden. Refer to question below.

What is an Australian traditional meal?

It depends what you are looking for. You could say Meat Pies, Bangers (sausages) and Mash potato, steak or practically anything that is cooked on a BBQ. . The barbeque does indeed offer a traditional Australian meal. However, if one is looking for a meal to cook and serve indoors, then tradition ( Full Answer )

What is Australia's traditional meal?

When Australia was first settled, the most common foods were beefand mutton, which is the cut of an older sheep (definitely notlamb). Mutton stew was one of the most common foods. BecauseAustralia was "built on the sheep's back", lamb soon became one ofthe more common foods, traditionally served as ( Full Answer )

What do france have for their traditional meal?

i love wwe wrestling woo woo woo you know it , anyway i think that the french eat frogs legs but not all the time because the french also eat pizzas and pastries !

Why is ham the traditional meal of Easter?

Ham is considered to be a good food for a celebration because it is thought by many Christians to be a choice, delicious cut of meat. The tradition of cooking a ham for Easter seems to be more common in the USA than in Europe where lamb would be the celebratory meat. The lamb signifying the lamb of ( Full Answer )