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Pressing down too hard on stomach, and stress.

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Q: Is there any kind of problems during pregnancy that will make the mother and baby to die?
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What is baby bump?

That is the enlargement of the mother's abdomen during pregnancy.

When does a mother feel the baby during pregnancy?

20 weeks

If a mother drinks during pregnancy how many adnormalities will a baby have?

It greatly depends on how much the mother drinks.

What exchanges between the a mother and baby during pregnancy?

Oxygen and nutrition goes to baby from mother. Carbon bi oxide and waste products of metabolism goes to mother from baby.

Can a baby get chlamydia?

A baby only gets chlamydia from an infected mother during vaginal birth or, more rarely, from sexual abuse. If the mother is treated for chlamydia during pregnancy, the baby will not be infected. There are safe and effective treatments for women during pregnancy, and the infection is treatable in babies born with it.

What problems might occur if a mother is rhesus-negative and the father is rhesus-positive?

It is possible for there to be problems with a pregnancy. If mother's blood type is negative and the father's is positive, and the baby is positive, her blood type may begin to attack the child. Make sure she checks with her doctor regularly during a pregnancy.

When can you find out blood type of baby?

Usually not until the baby is born. If there are severe problems during the pregnancy, the doctor might get a sample of the fetus's blood, and possibly even do a blood transfusion in the womb if the mother and baby are not compatible.

What are congenital disorders?

Congenital disoreders are conditions that develop in the baby during the mother's pregnancy or at birth.

Can a child die during pregnancy?

If the mother is not carefull it's possible that the baby dies in her uterus.

Should you drink a drink called white Russian while you are pregnant?

White Russian is an alcoholic drink and SHOULD BE AVOIDED during pregnancy. Alcohol causes many birth defects. Exposing the baby to alcohol during your pregnancy increases the chances of the baby having Fetal Alcohol Syndrome which refers to growth, mental and physical problems that may occur in a baby whose mother drank during her pregnancy. No amount of alcohol is considered safe during pregnancy.

Do nutrients come from baby to mother or mother to baby?

In pregnancy they go from the mother to the baby through the umbilical cord

pregnancy diabetes?

Pregnancy diabetes is also called gestational diabetes. It occurs during pregnancy and does not mean the mother has type 2 diabetes or that she will get it after the baby is born.

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