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There is no real way to not gain weight, but the best way is to do a lot of cario work, treadmill, bikes, aerobics, etc. And use light weights with high reps. Meaning use a 10 pound instead of a 20 and do 15 of each excersise instead of 10. This will be the best way not to gain weight. But if you are healthy, it doesn't matter what you weight. unless you are concerned about making a specific weight for Wrestling,boxing ect, you should not concern yourself so much on the numbers, I would suggest throwing out the scale. You can go from 160 to 190 and look lighter and thinner at 190. as far as getting tone only you can work with weights, using low weight and high reps. for build muscle mass you would want to life a weigt light enough you can lift it at least 8 times and no more than 12 times in a set. for toning you want something you can life 20 to 25 times in a set. this will give you more of a tone look. throw out the scale and use a mirror and measuring tape if needed.

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Q: Is there any way that you can tone up and not gain weight even if it is muscle weight?
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How do I gain more muscle tone?

A proper diet will help you gain more muscle tone. Eating protein rich foods in conjunction with protein supplements will increase your muscle tone. Also, a weightlifting routine is necessary to gain muscle tone.

Why have i gained weight from exercising and drinking protein shakes?

Protein + Weight lifting makes you gain muscle mass, which makes you gain weight. If you want to lose weight and tone your muscles you have to do more cardio workouts

Do you gain weight after working out?

Yes and no. You look thinner because you are losing fat weight, but (depending on what kind of workout) you are gaining muscle weight. If your workout is more focused on building muscle tone, then you may gain a pound of two, because muscle weighs more than fat. But this weight gain should only be temporary because healthy muscle will burn the fat for fuel.

What do you do to again weight am too skinny?

In order to gain weight, you must consume more calories. In addition, it is important to try to add muscle tone.

Can running cause weight loss and gain muscle in the legs?

Running will certainly tone up your muscles, but don't forget ... muscle weighs more than fat.

How do you recognize good muscle tone?

Good muscle tone can be recognized in several ways. Visually, good muscle tone can be recognized by an apparent constant tension in the muscles, particularly when the muscle is not moving or supporting any weight, such as when it is resting on a table. A high level of detail and definition may also be visually apparent if the person has a low body fat percentage or extremely large muscles. Physically, a gentle squeeze of the muscle itself can reveal its level of tone; if the muscle feels hard to the touch (again, while it is not moving or supporting any weight), then it has good muscle tone. It is important that the muscle being inspected is not moving or supporting any load (including its own weight), because a muscle that is working will naturally appear and feel toned, even if it isn't well-toned at rest. A muscle that exhibits signs of good tone (tension) at rest and not moving or supporting any weight is one that has good tone.

What is the treatment for Prader-Willi syndrome?

No cure yet. Therapies to improve muscle tone and feeding techniques to improve weight gain. Strict control of food intake to prevent obesity (growth hormone therapy improves muscle tone). Special education.

How do you gain muscle tone?

Muscle tone refers to residual muscle tension, which is tension that continues to reside in muscles while relaxed. The only way to gain muscle tone is to work out. This way you train your muscles to be tense even when your muscles are in a relaxed state. You should also make sure that you don't injure your muscles during workouts, apparently this is very bad for muscle tone. Also remember lifting light weights many times do not help with tone as much as lifting heavy, despite what your personal trainer might say. Cardio training is also important to muscle tone. Cardio training gets rid of all the access fat around your muscles making them have a "ripped" look. For more in-depth information and details about how to gain muscle, see the related question and answer, listed further down this page, under Related Questions.

Fat Or Muscle Weight Loss?

Yes, exercise is the key to keeping muscle tone. If you lose weight and don't exercise you will also lose your muscle in the process.

What factors affect muscle tone?

There can be many factors that affect muscle tone. These factors include age, gender, muscle length, weight, level of exercise and the point of tendon insertion.

What is the best and fastest way to gain more muscle?

the best way to gain more muscle is resistance training which is weight lifting. When done consistently (about 30 minutes 4-5 days a week), one can see muscle tone very quickly. Also watching one's diet is just as important.

What is the difference beteween weightlifting and bodybuilding?

Bodybuilding is for people to tone up their body and not for muscle.

What will doing low reps of high weight do?

it will build your muscle up as low weight with high reps will tone the muscle wont build it.

How can you lose weight on a treadmill?

Walking on a treadmill is a great exercise. And you will certainly improve your cardiovascular health and improve muscle tone. Although you might see some small losses in the beginning (fewer than 10lbs.), over time you will probably gain the weight back even if you stay with the exercise program.

What might cause Sudden loss of muscle tone and weight gain?

If you stop exercising or have adrenal failure these things could happen. A hormonal imbalance could also cause these symptoms.

What will your gain when you are engaged in physical fitness?

Strength, stamina, muscle tone, muscle mass, bone strength, red blood cells, appetite...

Distinguish between tetanic contraction and muscle tone?

1. Even when a muscle appears to be at rest, a certain amount of sustained contraction is occurring in its fibers. This is called muscle tone. (Muscle tone is a response to nerve impulses that originate repeatedly from the spinal cord and stimulate a few muscle fibers.) A tetanic contraction is when a forceful sustained contraction lacks even partial relaxation.

How can exercise make one thinner even though one does lose any weight?

Inches don't weigh anything! You are building muscle tone when exercising.

If you work out every day why is there no change in weight just muscle tone?

muscle weighs more than fat. your weight may not change because you are gaining muscle mass, which weighs more.

If you do 200 crunches and a few squats will you lose weight?

crunches won't really help you lose weight, but they will tone your stomach. if you add cardio (walking, biking, running etc.) to your routine, you'll definitely lose fat and gain muscle.

If your body fat is already low is it harder to lose weight?

if your body fat is already low losing more weight is dangerous and can be deadly. your body needs fat. you need to gain weight not lose weight. remember muscle weights more than fat so if you must lose more weight be a little more lazier and lose muscle tone but in my opipion that is dumb

When did Ada Lovelace die?

You will have to lose weight or gain more muscle in order to get more muscle tone. Sometimes though it could just be genetics. You may have more skin on your body which makes it harder for muscles to show.

What increases muscle tone?

Losing bodyfat. Muscle Tone is about your bodyfat %, not the amount of actual muscle there is.

What happens to muscle when they are exercised regularly exercised vigorously as in weight lifting not used?

they become tone

How do you lose weight in you upper arms?

There is no way to lose weight in a specific area of the body. You can build muscle and tone your upper arms with weight training exercises.