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it will build your muscle up as low weight with high reps will tone the muscle wont build it.

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Q: What will doing low reps of high weight do?
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Doing high reps with low weight is used for what?

burning fat.

When weight lifting is it more reps and less weight for definition?

yes. low weight high reps gives you a tone look. high weight and low reps gives you big stocky muscles.

What is the relationship between the amount of weight and reps sets?

I was always taught that low weight with high reps is for weight loss and toning, whereas high weight and low reps is for strength training and bulking up.

What are the best number of reps to gain muscle fast?

low reps, high weight

How can you muscular endurance?

Bleep test. You can also test muscular endurance by doing weights using low weight, high sets and high reps.

How can you test muscular endurance?

Bleep test. You can also test muscular endurance by doing weights using low weight, high sets and high reps.

Weight training at 13 Good or bad?

You have to be careful weight training at that age, because your bones are still at a formative stage. Some limited weigh training is fine, but you would be better advised to get for low weight high reps, rather than high weight low reps.

Would high weight and low reps be better for ab work outs than vice versa?

High weight and low reps with help build the muscle and make them more predominant. Building up the ab muscles will really help them stand out.

For gaining muscle what is better doing low rep 4-8 high weight or average reps 10-12 and watever weight you can?

When I was in my late teens I was very much into powerlifting and bodybuilding. My coaches stressed to me that to build muscle you need to lift heavy weight with low reps (4-6 reps) and to tone your muscles (shape them) you need to lift lighter weight with high reps (10-12 reps). So, I would train each body part twice per week (once heavy then once light). I got great results using this formula as it helped me get stronger and well defined.

What kind of sets on the bench press are most effective for your max?

For muscle size: high weight, low reps, rest low reps, rest... Use as much weight as possible, so much that you can only lift it a couple times. For muscle toning, endurance and general health, high reps, shoot for 20 or more before the muscle is fatigued.

How do you gain mass weight training?

Heavy Weight, Lots of Sets, and Low Reps.

How many reps should you do with leg curls?

It depends on your desired results. For getting stronger and bigger, use a lot of weight and low repetition. I would recommend 2-3 sets of 8 reps with however much weight you can handle for that amount. For getting more toned and gaining endurance, use low weight and high reps. I would recommend 3-4 sets of 12-15 reps.

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