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Review "Related Questions" below for much more about Taurus heating/cooling problems, and fixesAnswerUnfortunately no. This is a big and painstaking job. You have to bite the bullet on this one. It costs between $300-$500 buckaroos. The other thing you can do is to cut into the housing.

Note: I do not recommend it. You have to know the precise location of the door, eater core and the a/c evaporator. You may trade the puppy in for something that works. Give it up and spend the money or do it yourself.


ADDENDUM: You actually can access the blend door itself without removing the dash [I just did it this week end on a 94 Taurus GL with some basic tools and couple of skinned knuckles] ; using a dremel type tool carefully cut an opening in the plenum box, which you can access by removing the center panel of the dash [that holds the radio, change and cup holder]; the part to access [at least for 94 Taurus] is strait back; find the black plastic box [plenum] and cut a rectangular section at the top -- being careful to not cut too high as that is where the louvered door comes down which controls the upper vent function--allow about 1/4-1/2" from upper edge of the plenum] or too low, about 3.5 inches up and down and about 5 inches across will do it and allow you to get your hand in there; once this is done, reach strait back and just to the lower right and that is the blend door [note there are two other "doors" in there which control upper and lower venting--the blend door is vertical in operation and the others are horizontal]; I simply pulled it forward to shut off the cold air which provided much needed heat. To observe what is working turn the vent knob and you will see the other doors going up and down [vacuum controlled so need to have run the engine previously]

Replace section you removed and seal it up [that is what Duct Tape if for] and replace middle section of the dash.

To access the actuator itself [and perform a real repair] would necessitate painstaking job of removing the whole dash and everything that goes with it, including the steering column; on this model not like the videos in "heater treater" that you can find on UTube; and the door still works just the motor/actuator that went out; this is just a quick fix to get your heat back on [or off, as the case may be] and not likely to be recommended by any self-respecting mechanic!


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Q: Is there any way to access the Blend Door on a 95 Ford Taurus short of removing the Instrument panel the temp control knob stopped working and you am getting only hot air?
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