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Q: Is there any way to repair a hairline crack in an above-ground pool pump?
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How do you repair crack in your plastic steps in your pool?

There are a number of things you could use to repair a crack in the plastic steps in your pool. You could use pool putty for example.

Can you repair a crack three feet long in a fiberglass pool with the water still in the pool?


Does Shotcrete crack?

Yes it will crack. I think any and all concrete will crack. Maybe not enough to leak water but hairline cracks. Coat your pool with good waterproof sealant if leaks start.

How can I repair a crack in my fiberglass swimming pool?

If the crack is small I would suggest buying a patch kit from a local pool store. The patch kits are easy to apply after the pool is drained. If the crack is large you'll need to hire a professional. You can call someone and they will fix your fiberglass pool. You can also try to buy a repair kit depending on how big the crack is. If it is a big crack, your should let a professional do the job.

Is it possible to repair a crack in the top step of a 25-year-old inground pool?

How to repair vinyl liner pool stepsYou can use fibre-shelkote putty and gel coat. Usually a crack is due to loss of underlying support, just putting a patch over the crack will not suffice. Contact pool step specialists who repair just swimming pool stairs to get the proper tread repair completed, or to order a kit. Try

How do you repair hairline cracks in a drained concrete pool?

you can either use a good epoxy pool paint if you intend refurbishing the whole pool or use an epoxy paste. V out the cracks and fill with epoxy paste.

How do you repair a crack on a plastic pool slide?

jb cold weld or any epoxy for plastic/fiberglass material

Is there anyway to temporarily repair cracks on fiberglass pool steps with water still in the pool?

If your crack is losing water, chewing gum works well (seriously), it will adhere under the water, and flexes with the crack when bathers put their weight on the step, then the chewing gum will reseal itself until you are able to repair the crack properly. Underwater epoxy can also be used, but gum is cheaper, and flexes whereby the underwater epoxy hardens and doesn't flex. Pool has kits for fiberglass pool steps. Remember to chew the gum first, then push it into the crack(s)

How do you repair a concrete crack in a marble lite in-ground swimming pool?

If the crack(s) are small and you have determined that your pool is not loosing water then leave the cracks alone. If the crack is sufficient to make the pool loose water ( determine that you are actually loosing water with a bucket test) the crack can be sealed with epoxy putty, fix-leak, or hot epoxy. It takes a specialist to determind just how much of the crack needs to be reworked.

Should a swimming pool crack?

A crack in your swimming pool indicates a structural defect. Contact the pool manufacturer - your pool may still be under warranty, meaning you could get it repaired or replaced for free. If the pool is not under warranty, contact a pool repair specialist; you may want to get estimates from three or four people before you hire someone to make repairs.

How do you repair a pool crack with full pool?

There are 2 part epoxies that will do the trick. The product has a clay like consistency to it and the label should tell you if it can be used underwater. Pool stores, Lowes, Home Depot all have a suitable product. Clean the crack of debris or loose plaster, mix up the epoxy and push it into the crack as deep as you can. Go back over the area with a finger to remove most of the excess and give a decent appearance to the repair. It will last until whatever caused the crack allows it to crack again. There is always a reason a pool cracks....expansive soil, ground movement, trees (I am fixing a tree crack right now) soil compaction/liquifaction etc.

Why would only one of the skimmers in the pool work and not the other?

If the pump starts shutting down when you try to use other skimmer box it may have a hairline crack and will normally happen when you try to vaccum

Can an inground pool crack during an earthquake?

Yes, an in ground pool can crack during an earthquake if it is close enough to the earthquake.

Can you turn a chlorinated aboveground pool into a saltwater pool?

Yes,but only if your pool is resin[that is constructed from 100% polymer or plastic]. It is not advisable to use salt in a "steel pool". Salt in a steel pool is a lousy salesman answer. All Chlorine is made from Salt and the amount needed in your pool is insignificant to what kind of pool you have. Any pool can be salt

What is the best way to repair a crack in a pool?

If its a pool built using construction materials then the pool can have the crack industrially filled by high pressure resin pushed in to the crack. However, this is Not very successful all the time and leakage can and does occur. It will normally be emptied and the same res resin based liquid forced in to the crack. It may also be advisable to identify the reason for the cracking subsidence in the ground, breakdown of the base of sub base of the floor even heavy vehicle vibration can cause ground movement.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of installing an inground pool system, as opposed to an aboveground pool system?

The above ground pool option has many advantages, They are safer, cheaper and easier to build. But the In-ground pool can be handicap accessible, It is also durable and comes with endless design possibilities.

Pool Repair?

Many pools have vinyl liners. As the pool ages, the vinyl liner will oftentimes become cracked. These cracks cause water to drain out of the pool, which can result in greater damage. One should never fail to repair this type of leak. The best way to repair this is to patch the crack or hole with a patch kit. These patch kits can be bought both in stores and online. There are different types of patch kits, some of which are meant to be used above water and some below the water. This type of pool repair is relatively simple.

What do you use to patch a hairline crack on the bottom of a cement pool that is still weeping water if you paint over it with super epoxy two-part paint?

here's a few more pennies... The glue preferred by pool pros for this application is Mr. Sticky's Underwater Glue. It is sticky underwater, does not become brittle, easy to work with. you can find it at Well here is my 2 cents worth, I am not in the pool repair business but my pool, when it was repaired (vinyl) , The repair crew used the de-watering lines that were used to install my pool, If you have them on yours is a guess, as I do not know how high your water table is, but if they are there they should have been cut off below grade and capped in case they are needed for future problems like this, The pool company thet installed your pool, if known, should know where they are located, I hope this is of some help.

Can a crack in the pool pump be fixed?

A crack in the pool pump can not be fixed permanently. Silicone and sealants may fix it temporarily, but it will need to be replaced.

How do you stop groundwater from leaking in through a hairline crack that needs repaired?

The best way I can think of is to dig a hole along the outside of the pool until you get below the hairline crack Then use a pump to drain the ground water until the damaged section has been repaired. Make the hole deep enough to put the whole pump and automatic float switch in that way when the water build up the pump will automatically drain the water when it becomes too high.

how do i find and repair leak in gunite pool with water in it?

how do i find and repair leak in gunite pool with water in it?

How can you find above ground pool repair in your area that installs liner?

google above ground pool repair

Can a crack in the plaster of a gunite pool be repaired and if so how effective will the fix be?

I general, the answer is yes. It the crack comes from the pool moving, and the gunite has cracked, then the gunite has to be repaired before the plaster. Sometimes opening up the gunite crack and refilling with concrete will answer the problem. If movement of the soil is the problem then that has to be fixed first.The soil getting excessivly wet and dry can mean that the pool will move, if it is only part of the pool then there will be a structuaral crack. Only opening up the crack will tell you whether it is a plaster crack or a gunite crack. A replaster is from about $2000 up and structuaral repairs from about $1000

What are common problems with fiberglass pools?

One major problem with fiberglass pools is that if the pool wall or floor develop a crack that starts to leak, DO NOT lower water level considerably nor empty the water out of the pool to try to repair it yourself as there is a high chance that the pool will pop out of the ground. ALWAYS contact your local fiberglass pool specialist to come and repair it. THIS ONE TIDBIT OF INFORMATION WILL SAVE YOU LOTS OF MONEY AND HEADACHES.

Is it normal for hairline cracks in the plaster pool finish to appear in the first few days after application and water fill?

It is not normal for hairline cracks to form in the plaster pool finish in the first few days after application and water fill. However, it does happen and one of the most common reasons is because the pool was filled too slowly. It is important to fill the pool as quickly as possible to prevent this from happening.