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Is there more than one pump motor in the 1991 Aerostar fuel pump?

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No You Only Have One Fuel Pump In The Fuel Tank.

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What is the fuel pressure for a 1991 Ford Thunderbird?

depends on the motor check the sccoa website they should have more answers on that one

Where are the fuel filters situated on a 1994 aerostar van and are there more then 1?

there is only one, and it is mounted on the drivers side of the frame between the front left tire and the fuel tank

Why is the ABS warning light on in your 1991 Ford Aerostar?

lots of reasons this could happen, more than likely a speed sensor has went out

How much boost can a 1991 4g63 motor take?

There isn't really a set pressure it can handle, it all depends what is done to the motor. If it's completely stock, not more than 15 psi because the fuel system can't keep up with much more. Upgraded fuel system and turbo, you can do over 20. I have a 1990 tsi with fuel upgrades, bigger turbo etc, but stock internals and I'm pushing close to 23 psi.

How do I make my 1994 ford aerostar more fuel efficient?

Check your driving technique - SMOOTH starts and stops (never floor it), don't speed (higher speed = more fuel consumed), make sure your vehicle is as aerodynamically efficient as it can be - take it from an aeronautical engineer on that one!

How do you change the spark plugs of a 1991 Toyota supra?

You have to more specific, is it a turbo or non turbo motor?

The motor on a 1998 hyundia elauntra will not start and the fuel pump will not work.What can cause this problem?

if the engine turns over and it is not getting fuel, more than likely fuel filter or fuel pump problems if the car is not getting fuel.

Why does a car use up more fuel per mile when it travels at 70 mph than when it travels?

because you are making the motor run higher rpms therefore using more fuel.

Why does a 1998 Yamaha yzf 600 not want idle without the choke on?

time to rebuilt carbs. when you choke a motor of any kind what you are doing is cutting of the air so the motor pulls more fuel. so this meaning that when you turn choke off not enough fuel is getting to the motor.

Will running racing fuel give you more power in stock motor?

No. However, better fuel might allow you to increase the timing without encountering detonation problems, which would result in more power.

How to mix fuel for 8 hp evinrude?

how can I get more power out of my 8hp evinrude Sell it and buy a stronger motor

Is there more than one fuel filter on a 1998 Chevy Tahoe 1500 4x4 350 V8 motor?


Signs of a bad fuel filter in a 2002 explorer?

Engine will not start, engine starts but dies,,,,,, You are driving on the road, You give the motor more fuel and it does not gain power to the same rate as extra fuel that is given

What is a vortex motor?

Vortec motors were introduced by gm in the mid 1990's for better fuel atomization, which is when the fuel mixes with the air. With a better fuel to air mixture allows for a more efficient combustion in the cylinders = more power, better fuel economy. The actual change is in the motor heads themselves and the intake. Many people swap heads and intakes on older model chevys for an easy 20- 25hp gain.

How does the smart car saves energy?

It has a small motor, and is very light to save fuel. The Toyota prius is more econmical

What happens when an air flow sensor goes bad?

You will get a warning light on dash and motor will probaly run rough and rich, meaning fuel ,air mixture will be out of wack and motor will put more fuel into compensate and to make sure motor does not run lean. the exhaust pipe will be very black and maybe black smoke. The hotter the motor gets the rougher it will run until spark plugs are clogged with excess carbon from unburnt fuel.

Ford aerostar wont start?

A Ford Aerostar that will not start may have a dead battery or be out of gas. You may need to have a mechanic look at it for more serious problems if these are not the case.

What do headers and intake do for Chevrolet small-block engine?

they alow the motor to take in more air via intake and evacuate more air via exhaust. thus creating more power. in short the more air and fuel you can move through a motor EFFICIENTLY the more power you will build.

What causes an engine to idle high when cold and reduces a bit when hot?

the cylinders are tight and is pulling more fuel then normal on a efi motor, older cars,trucks with chokes pull more fuel till it is warmed up

What is the sport button on a 1991 Honda Accord for?

The Sport button on the shifter for the 1991 Honda Accord is to change the motor so that it will have a little more power. The RPMs should go up by about 500 RPMs.

What causes small gas engines to rev up and down?

The govenor on the carbeurtor, When the motor is not getting enough fuel and is about to cut off, The govenor kicks in and squirts more fuel in to keep it alive.

Will a 1999 Toyota motor fit into a 1991 Toyota truck?

Lol what KIND of Toyota motor - 3Y is one of the most common. as is the 2Y 4Y and 1RZ might be the place to go for more info.

Why won't my 1993 Mitsubishi 3000gt start Replaced ECU fuel pump and still not running.?

well the real question is do you have spark are you getting fuel? well you can take and roll the motor oveer and then pull the spark plug. if the spark plug is wet you don't have spark if the spark plug is dry you have spark that's the easiest way to take a look. the motor need three thing to run fuel oxygen and spark. DO NOT ROLL THE MOTOR OVER WITH THE SPARK PLUG OUT OF THE CYLINDER YOU WILL MORE THAN LIKELY LIGHT THE FUEL THATS PUSHED OUT OF THE MOTOR IN THE COMPRESSION STAGE. when you find out if the motors getting fuel and not spark it could be your crank sensor which tells the motor when to ignite the spark plug to cause your explosion which makes the motor run. i hope this was helpful.

Chevrolet 350 motor home 1992 fuel pump pressure?

9 to 13 LBS. No less and no more are you will have starting are running problems.

Why is gasoline in your motor oil?

More than likely the engine is missing on one or more cylinders and unburnt fuel is being forced past the piston rings on the compression stroke.