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I wonder if the harness is faulty or the sensor and or gauge. First consult the wiring diagram.. I check ground on the harness first. Are there other electrical problems, possibly related to the same electrical issue? As for the pressure sensor, check for voltage, or, if you remove the wire feeding the sensor and ground it, with someone watching the gauge for movement. If you see movement at the gauge, the fault is the sensor. If no movement run a temporary line and bypass the harness. If this is successful, make plans to change that temporary title to permanent. Needless to say, harness changing is daunting and unneccesary.

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โˆ™ 2006-06-07 02:21:44
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Q: Is there much involved with replacing an oil pressure sensor harness on a Jeep Cherokee 2.5 Diesel?
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Would a engine wiring harness from a 1994 grand Cherokee fit a 1993 Jeep Grand Cherokee?

Yes and no. As long as the motor is the same, the harness should be the same.

Is a 1994 Laredo door harness compatiable with a 1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee?

Cherokee Laredo, no. Grand Cherokee Laredo, yes.

Where is the trailer wiring harness located on 2006 Jeep Grand Cherokee?

If it doesn't have a trailer plug, it does not have a factory trailer harness.

Will a 96 jeep Cherokee wire harness work on a 00 Mitsubishi eclipse?


How do you install a trailer wiring harness on a 2000 Cherokee Classic Jeep?


What all would be involved with replacing a 4 cylinder engine with a V6 in a 1995 Jeep Wrangler?

Will the bell housing mate up to the new engine? The wiring harness and computer will need to be replaced. Do both engines require the same fuel pressure, if not then you will need to replace the fuel pump. And the beat goes on.

Why isn t the car starting after replacing the fuel pump?

Check your fuel pressure. No pressure means the pump is not running or defective. Check for voltage at the pump harness and pump relay. If you have voltage and fuel pressure to spec, then you have some other issue, and the fuel pump is not the problem.

Where is the OBD plug on a 94 Jeep Cherokee?

Under the hood, along the wiring harness.

How to Replacing oil pressure sensor 92 Honda Accord?

The oil pressure sensor on a 92 Honda Accord is replaced by disconnecting the wiring harness and unscrewing it using a wrench or socket set. The replacement sensor is then put into place and torqued back to specs.

Is there a sequence to connecting the wiring harness on a 2001 jeep cherokee?

Not sure what you mean by sequence. The harness does have a proper routing location and it must be plugged into the proper locations.

1996 Jeep Cherokee how do you install trailer wiring harness?

Just get a wiring harness form e-trailer for about $30 it is easy to install has instructions with it. Wayne

98 Chevy Tahoe wont start?

Check and see if you have fuel pressure it might be the fuel pump. Before you replace the fuel pump try replacing the wiring harness first because they have a bad problem burning up. Just got done replacing mine and my brothers.

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