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no. Replace "good" with "well".

"You washed the car well."

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Q: Is this correct grammar you washed the car good?
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Is this sentence correct Yesterday Tom washed the car?


Is this grammar correct The car that just passed was theirs?

Yes. "The car that just passed was theirs" is grammatically correct.

Grammar question for the car runs good?

The car runs well.

When all of a sudden a car crashed through the window or suddenly a car crashed through the window.which one is correct grammar?

They are both correct grammar, but I prefer the first one. This is a question that would probably show up in the SAT or ACT. Both are correct but the second one is the one you want.

Can you please advise me on the correct grammar using the word luxury can you say eg this car is so luxury?

Having a fancy car is a luxury in today's economy.

How do use washed in a sentence?

Now that I have washed the car, it is certain to rain. I washed my clothes yesterday.

What should you say after after the car is washed?

If someone washed it for you: Thank you for washing the car, I greatly appriciate it! If you wash the car: I'm finished washing the car!

What part of speech is wash?

Wash can be used as a verb and a noun.Verb: I washed my car yesterday.Noun: It needed a good wash.

What is the man washed the car is it a objective or subject or verb?

'The man washed the car'is a sentence.In this sentence the:subject = manverb = washedobject = car

Is the clause an adverb in the sentence Since you left our house early we washed the car?

Yes, it appears to be an adverb of cause: the car was washed because someone left early. But was it washed because they had nothing else to do, or because they couldn't get to the car otherwise?

Wash past tense with example?

Washed is the past tense of wash. She washed her car yesterday.

It is a mint and a car what is it?

Humbug? The correct answer is Polo, although that is a good guess.

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