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Is vet school the same as vet college?


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Yes, these are generic terms for university programs that provide an education in veterinary medicine.

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you have to go to college then got to vet school and take the horse class in vet school

The same as for any other kind of vet. Contact the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons for details, or any veterinary school. It's easier to get into medical school, though.

Vet tech institute is a for-profit private career school. It is not a state funded college.

Vet school and licensing. Vet school is about like medical school, but it is harder. People are built the same, but a vet deals with several species.

Yes, and college as well as vet school.

In the United States the minimum college time is seven years - three years of undergraduate college and four years of vet school.

to be a vet another 4 years in vet school after college is required

Yes, you can go to college to be a vet tech if you have your GED.

There is no specific required major in undergraduate college to apply to vet school, although most applicants are biology, chemistry, animal science or a related major. In vet school, your major is veterinary medicine.

A high school diploma, a college degree, AND graduation from a School of Veterinary Medicine. A vet has to know a LOT.

you got to go to college and high school to be a vet

You must have a 3.6 GPA in science for high school and college. Then you have to go to Vet school for four more years.

Yes of course you do! Other-wise you cant go to vet school!

Four years of undergraduate college prior to vet school runs anywhere from $60,000 to $200,000. Then four years of vet school can cost anywhere from $120,000 to $300,000. Most students will qualify for scholarships and grants for undergraduate school and then for federal student loans for vet school. The average debt rate for just vet school for new graduates for 2010 was about $125,000; undergraduate debt was in addition to this.

One place that I know has a vet tech school is Penn Foster College. An other very good place to find a vet tech school is a website called "".

Yes, Texas A & M has an outstanding veterinary college in College Station, Texas.

Virginia Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine, Cornell University Vet School, NC State

I thing you need to go to veterinaryschool, college, whatever you want to call it, then you should be a assistant to a vet, THEN try to get a job as a vet.

There is no single "best" college to attend for your pre-veterinary medicine required courses - any accredited college or university will be fine. The important part is to make sure you have completed all required courses to apply to vet school at this college.

from what i have heard, vets typically go to buisness school. i know my sister is currently attending buisness school to get her mb so she can be a vet

3-4 years of undergraduate plus 4 years of vet school.

Every vet school requires calculus I, some require calculus II.

Your classes in Middle School will have little affect on your ability to become a vet. Get good grades in Middle School and High School so that you can get into a good college. Then take a pre-med or pre-vet major and hope you can get into Vet school, which is very hard to do, even harder then medical school.

San Fransisco StandFord Univiersity Is the perfect college to study for vet school.

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