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it has alot more calcium, but is alot more fattening, try skim milk for a healthier choice or even flavored soy milk

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What are signs when whole milk is spoiled?

It might taste bad, look bad, smell bad, and it might be lumpy.

Why is it bad luck to spill milk?

It is considered bad luck because it wastes nourishment for the whole family.

How much milk is bad for you?

im assuming tht a whole container is bad for you. hope yuu get good usage of this;))))))))))))) <3

How can you make 1 percent milk from whole milk?

Whole milk is that contain 4.5% fat.for PREPARING 1% milk remove3.5% of Fat from whole milk.

Is whole milk the same as homogenized milk?

Whole milk refers to the milkfat content of the product. Other types are skim milk (fat free) and semi skim (low fat) milk. Whole milk can be homogenised, but all milk that is homogenised is not whole milk.

Is whole milk powder a preservative?

some whole milk is powder but most whole milk is preservative :D

Can whole milk be substituted for evaporated milk?

No. Whole milk has a thinner consistency than evaporated milk.

Is milk fat bad for you?

milk is not bad for you

How much fat is in whole milk?

51% is in whole milk

Milk how to change skim milk to whole milk?

You remove a thick layer of fat from whole milk to make skim milk.

What do whole milk have in that low fat milk doesnt have?

Whole milk has more milk fat in than Low Fat milk. By comparison whole milk has 3.4 - 3.6% milk fat where Low Fat milk has 1.5 - 2.0% milk fat.

Does soy milk spoil faster than whole milk?

personally i think whole milk does

Is 12 percent milk the same as whole milk?

Do you mean 2% milk? There is a difference between 2% and whole milk. 2% contains 2% fat, and whole milk contains about 3.5 to 4% milk.

Does organic whole milk have a higher fat content than regular whole milk?

Skimmed milk has the least fat content of all. Organic whole milk has less fat content than regular whole milk.

What is whole milk?

Whole milk is milk that is straight from the cow, not altered in anyway except that it's pasteurized.

Does chocolate milk freeze faster than whole milk?

Yes, chocolate milk freeze's faster than whole milk?

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