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sounds like you have a problem in the steering gear. There is a valve in the gear that rests in the center position, but goes to one direction or the other to allow fluid to assist in that particular direction. If it isn't moving one direction or the other from it's at rest position, there will be little or no fluid assist to that particular direction. One thing is for sure, it is not the pump. The pump has one job, and that is to provide high fluid pressure for power assist. The fact that you have power assist in one direction, proves that the pump is doing it's job. Look at the gear as your culprit. I think your problem is probably there.

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โˆ™ 2006-03-09 14:26:52
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Q: Just replaced power steering pump on a 99 Chevy 4x4 pickup now have good power steering to left but no assist to the right at idle gets better with rpms up whats the problem?
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What is speed sensitive power steering?

When the car is driven at low speed, the power steering gives full assist so the driver can turn the steering wheel easily. Parking or turning tight corners can be done with little effort. As vehicle speed increases, the mount of power steering assist is reduced and the steering wheel becomes harder to turn. This gives the driver more feedback about road conditions through the steering wheel and better vehicle control. If an emergency arises and the driver needs to turn the steering wheel quickly, the full power assist is provided almost immediately after the wheel is turned only a few degrees.

2001 Kia Carnival with intermittent tight steering have replaced steering pump but problem still there Any suggestions?

the collapsable steering column has a u-joint ,take it off ,make sure the front wheels are straight and mark the steering wheel position in relation to the shroud before you do this, you will find the u-joint has frozen or stiff.Usually there is no fix,sometimes i have drowned it in wd-40 and got it better, but purchase new one or good old junk yard will sell you one for $20.00.

How does electric power steering work?

Electric power steering replaces the hydraulic system that has been used for decades. A rack and pinion system is still in place but instead of fluid under pressure by means of the power steering pump. The electric system uses a computer controlled motor to assist in steering. On some cars this motor can be located in the steering rack itself or it may be mounted outside. Some of these system have a computer to monitor road speed, and adjust the motor speed to provide different feedback depending on speed. This allows for better low speed assist and better road feel on the highway. Another advantage is that because their is no power steering pump to draw horsepower away from the engine. It would have a slight effect on engine load. These systems are becoming mainstream and will probably be in most vehicles in the next few years.

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It adjusts how much power assist is given. In one direction less boost is given than in the other. To me it works much better in the 'less assist' position. In the 'more assist' position is too much assistance, you lose the feel of the road and can oversteer very easily. But if one was weak or disabled the extra help could be useful. Note this is controlled by the same processor that handles air bag suspension. If a fuse for air bag suspension had blown or been pulled, you will be on full assist all the time regardless of how the switch is set.

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