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Laws for the US are made by?

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Laws in the US are made by the legislatures. These are the Congress of the United States and the legislatures of the several States and associated territories such as Puerto Rico. Cities and counties also create laws, but they are more likely to be called by other names, such as "ordinance" or "code."

In addition to this legislative process, law can made by executive action. An agency such as the Department of Justice or the State Health Department can publish a notice of intent to issue a regulation, hold public hearing and then issue a regulation, which is a kind of law.

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Laws made for the us are made by who?


Where were the first laws of the US made?

the first U.S. laws were made in ANNAPOLIS, MD

The laws for the US are made bY?


What Laws are enacted by the US Congress?

Statutory Laws are made by US Congress and State Legislators.

Why was the government made?

Government Was made to enforce laws to keep us safe.

Who do you think made the law?

The state legislature - for state laws. The US Congress - for federal laws.

Why to obey the laws?

Laws are made for maintaing peace and order in the society.It is important for us to obey laws becuase laws make us a better individual. Laws are created by the legislature and it governs behaviour through social institutions.

How are laws made in israel?

laws are made by the Knesset (Israeli Parliament) which sends them to the Prime Minister who then tells us what they are and how to respond the them. In order to live an orderly and safe life you need laws.

How are laws made?

laws are made by the government which sends them to the Prime Minister who then tells us what they are and how to respond the them. In order to live a life you need laws otherwise you would most probably beDEAD. So please follow the laws.

What is the name of the building in which US laws are made?

The United States Capitol

How are the twelve tables and the US Constitution alike?

They both made laws

What is the name of the US building in the capital city in which laws are made?

The Capital Building?

What parts of ancient Roman laws made a contribution to the laws of the US?

I think the North American Common Law has been taken from ancient Roman Laws.

How ancient Rome effect us today?

they made many laws and tought us about our very own culture.....

How are China and the US laws different?

in china there laws are in chinease us laws are in English

Is US Constitution longer than GA Constitution?

No it is not because Georgia's constitution and laws have to apply to the state so our laws are made for the state only and we have a lot of different things that need to be put in check but the laws for the US are only minor laws so there are less :D

Who made the laws in the Middle Ages?

Just as today, there are national laws and local laws. In the Middle Ages, the national laws were normally made by monarchs, and the local laws were made by local lords. There were Church laws, and these were made by the popes.

How are laws made in Mexico?

laws are made the same way they are made in the U.S.A

How are laws made in America?

laws are made by the people that make them ;)

How do the laws get made in the oligrachy?

the laws are made from member of parliment.

What are the laws of the UK as compared to the US?

they are made because people use their sidecide powers you moron

Should some of the laws in the US constitution be changed?

no it was made in the 1700s and was good then and good now

How the laws made in medieval time?

it depend on what laws most laws were made by kings therefore they were made however the want.

What did Rosa parks teach us?

Rosa Parks taught us that everyone was equal and made a huge change in segregation laws.

US laws are made by whom?

In the US the primary legal document is the US constitution and its amendments, this was made by the founding fathers as the country was established. Under the umbrella of the constitution laws are also made by the US federal and state governments made up of duly elected citizens. Further as the US broadly follows the English legal model. The US courts can make law as case history, trying to interpret governmental bills. The ultimate arbiter as to the legality or fairness of any law made in the US is the US supreme court, which also has the job of ensuring that no bills contravene the constitution.