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next to Power Steering pump if motor is 4.0

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โˆ™ 2007-02-25 03:30:28
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Q: Location of oil pressure sender unit of 1999 ford explorer?
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Where is the oil pressure sending unit located on a common motor?

Oil Pressure Sender and SwitchFord Ranger/Explorer/Mountaineer 1991-1999 Check Related Links below.

Releasing fuel pressure on a 1999 Ford Explorer?

Wheres the fuel pressure release valve on the 1999 Ford Explorer?

Does a 1999 Ford Explorer have a mechanical or electric oil pressure gauge?

The oil pressure gauge in a 1999 Ford Explorer is ELECTRIC

Where is the oil pressure sender on a 1999 Ford F150?

On the 5.4 liter the pressure switch is on the Oil filter housing.

Does your 1999 Ford Explorer have a fuel tank pressure sensor?

Yes my 1999 ford explorer does have a fuel tank pressure sensor. I am presently looking to buy one.

Fuel filter location on 1999 Ford Explorer?

Underneath the Explorer , below the drivers door , mounted on the frame rail

Where is the fuse for the compass-temp module on a 1999 Ford Explorer Sport?

On a 1999 Explorer there is a 7.5 amp fuse in location # 10 of the fuse panel for the overhead console.

Where is the Location of Front differential 1999 Ford Explorer XL?

between the front wheels

Why does my 1999 ford explorer bog down when you HIT THE GAS?

Check the fuel pressure.

What actors and actresses appeared in Return to Sender - 1999?

The cast of Return to Sender - 1999 includes: Brett Baker as Peterson

Horn location of 1999 ford explorer Eddie Bauer?

I believe that is located below the battery tray

1999 mercury mountaineer fuel filter location?

I'm assuming it would be in the same location as on a 1999 Ford Explorer - under the vehicle , below the drivers door , mounted in the frame rail

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