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Location of the speed control sensor ford expedition 2000?


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the rear one is in the chassis


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The exact location of the speed sensor on a 1997 Honda Accord is on the very top of the transmission. There is a plug in, electronic speed sensor in this location.

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A Vehicle Speed Sensor (VSS) senses the speed of the vehicle. Used for automatic transmission shift points and other electronics. Another speed sensor would be a wheel speed sensor. This one monitors wheel speed for ABS and Traction control.

you can not know that information

The speed sensor, on your Dodge Stratus, is located on the back of the transmission. The speed sensor has a wire leading to the front wheel.

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The speed sensor tells how fast the wheels are turning. The cruise control uses this to maintain the speed. When you get the code for speed sensor it is not working properly.

A "speed" sensor can affect the shifting of the trans.

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The color of the sensor is black and is location is behind the trasmision

no speed sensor is on passenger side on transmission also . I have a hanyes book!

the side of your transmission.. and its not a sensor its a gear.

There are two speed sensors on a 1996 Dodge Avenger, an input speed sensor and an output speed sensor. Both are located on the front of the transmission.

Speed Sensor The sensor is located on the rear axle housing.

If you are refering to the vehicle speed sensor (VSS) it is on tranny by where the axles are

The 1993 Lincoln Mark VIII ABS speed sensor is located on the side of the transmission. The speed sensor should be labeled as such.

The 2001 Pontiac sun fire speed control sensor is located on the front passenger wheel. The sensor can be found on the inside of the rotor.

It is a sensor that monitors wheel speed and sends that info to the abs module and/or the traction control module.

The output speed sensor tell the computer what speed the trans output is turning to know when to shift.

No. The crank sensor reads the crankshaft location and speed. The cam sensor reads the camshaft.

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