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I think this link will help you with the supply chain management.

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What is the difference with purchasing,supply chain and value chain
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logistics deals with inbound and outbound of outsourcing for the company while material management deals with inbound or instream

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Q: Logistics management supply chain management and materials management?
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Is logistic a part of supply chain management or supply chain is the part of logistic?

logistics is a part of supply Chain Management

What is the management of sourcing procuring production and logistics to go from raw materials to end consumers across multiple intermediate steps?

Supply chain management

What has the author D F Ross written?

D. F. Ross has written: 'Competing through supply chain management' -- subject(s): Business logistics, Materials management

What is a synonym for logistics?

There is no exact synonym, but the closest is probably 'distribution'. Other words for logistics include: 3PL Freight Freight Forwarding Haulage Materials Management Shipping Storage Supply Chain Supply Planning Transport Warehousing

What is meant by Strategic Supply Chain Management?

Supply chain management comprises of three levels 1. tactical 2. strategic 3. operational. 1. Strategical supply chain management decisions includes product development, customers, manufacturing, vendors, and logistics. The strategic supply chain management tries to expand the supply chain processes. 2. tactical supply chain management includes decisions in manufacturing, logistics, suppliers and product development. 3. operational supply chain management includes the day to day operational supply chain decisions ensure that the products efficiently move along the supply chain, achieving the maximum cost benefit.

Who is responsible for logistic?

In business, the person responsible for logistics is usually called the Logistics Manager or the Logistics Director. Sometimes they are called the Supply Chain Manager/Director (supply chain is a wider term: it can include purchasing of raw materials, and processing of customer orders, as well as management of logistics). In the UK about 40% of companies have a Logistics or Supply Chain Director on their main board of directors. On the whole, men are responsible for logistics - fewer than 10% of logistics managers are female. Yet outside professional life, in the home, it is usually women who are responsible for family logistics.

What has the author Omar Keith Helferich written?

Omar Keith Helferich has written: 'Securing the supply chain' -- subject(s): Business logistics, Emergency management, Management, Materials management, Physical distribution of goods

How does supply chain and logistics management relate to marketing strategy?

Yeah, so supply chain and logistics management simply relate marketing strategy. It's always been that way and always will in all likelihood remain be that way, too

What are the four foundation elements of supply chain management?

The four foundation elements of supply chain management are purchasing, production, logistics and processing or collaboration between trading partners.

What is meant by value chain?

Supply Chain Management encompasses the planning and management of all activities involved in sourcing, procurement, conversion, and logistics management activities

What has the author John Gattorna written?

John Gattorna has written: 'Managing the supply chain' 'Channels of distribution' 'Dynamic supply chains' -- subject(s): Delivery of goods, Business logistics, Management 'Strategic issues in logistics' 'Dynamic supply chain alignment' -- subject(s): Business logistics, Delivery of goods, Management

Which one is wiser to study business management or economics if you want to be in a logistics or supply chain environment?

If you aspire to excel in a logistics or supply chain environment, studying business management would be wiser. Business management provides a well-rounded understanding of the principles and practices required to effectively run organizations, which is essential in managing the complex and dynamic operations of a global logistics network, such as Global Logistics Alliance. This knowledge equips you with the skills needed to oversee supply chain processes, optimize efficiency, and make strategic decisions that are vital in the world of logistics and supply chain management.