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This doesn't make sense. If your husband is cheating on you, divorce him!


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* It is best to let both of your parents work their own problems out. Don't second guess the fact your mother is cheating; she may well not be and it may be your father who has cheated or perhaps they have made arrangements to go their separate ways while living under the same roof. However, hopefully both your parents have a solid marriage, but this doesn't mean that they don't have problems. It is wise to just keep out of it and let them resolve their own problems.

Intervention with your husbands parents and siblings as well as yourself may be the answer to his drug problems which leads to his cheating. There are Intervention Programs directed by a psychologist and there are places to send individuals such as your husband to kick his drug habits, but he has to want to get over his drug habit. Being on drugs will muddle the brain and he is not making wise decisions such as cheating on you. You need help and cannot do this alone and therefore talking to his parents and seeking help is the only way out. If he refuses then for your own sake you will have to leave him or he will ruin your life as well. If you have children this is not a good environment for these children.

I'd recommend going to therapy, because your husband might just have anger problems, or he might have a condition like bipolarism. If this is the problem then medication can be prescribed.

I feel bad for you. Say Good bye to that little mister. He's not a very good husband. and your parents are not very aware of whats going on im guessing. HE'S a CHEATER. =/

Well it's ether becasue they are having problems and need to work things out alone or because one is cheating on the other one or soumthing like that

All children at one point or another have problems with their parents. There are some parents that have legitimate problems, and abuse and neglect their children.

make my parents understand that my husband is my life and i cant live without him,i know everyone's parents will be happy if their children are happy

There are no excuses for cheating and it's selfish and inconsiderate of not only your husband's feelings, but that of your daughter. Now you have put your daughter in the spot of wanting to protect both parents and not knowing what to do about the problem. 'You' need to take responsibility for your own actions and be honest with your husband. He won't be pleased, but, hopefully you both can communicate on better terms regarding the problems in your marriage or seek marriage counseling. If you don't feel reconciliation is an option then don't cheat; file for separation at least. You are suppose to be a role model for your daughter so start acting like it.

Often the person who protests loudly that their spouse is cheating could be cheating themselves and feeling guilty they are trying to deny what they are doing by accusing their spouse. You have the choice of sitting down with your husband and asking him to prove you are cheating and if he cannot he should drop it as you are getting tired of defending yourself. If this does not work then you both should seek marriage counseling. Sometimes husbands that have grown up in an environment where one or both parents cheated; or they have been cheating on by one or more women in their past may cause him to feel he should cheat first rather than wait for his spouse to cheat on him.

talk to either your parents, if it is the mom cheating you don't tell the dad likewise the dad.

lieing, cheating and no communication between the parents.

You don't. The issues between the parents are between the parents.

AnswerIf your girlfriend has introduced you to her parents around the same time as it seems like shes cheating then its more likely that shes not cheating.. But If this is at 2 different times, and your sure shes cheating you should sit her down and ask her why.. she could be scared of commitment or just want to be with some one else Hope this helps

Hire a private investigator. Take pictures. ANSWER: No one will ever know if our father or mother is cheating. Kids who's young and old will never know if one of the parents is cheating, unless the kid sees the parent. Most father are careful when it comes to him cheating, the children will not realize it. Children are the innocent by standard when it comes to their parents..

I haven't experienced that yet but, my friend's parents are like that. I say, you should talk about your problems or thatproblem out. Ask why he's mad. that's all i can say.

Your aunt's husband is your uncle, and is brother-in-law to one of your parents.

If a husband's wife is a good and loyal person and makes a good home for her husband and any children they may have and the husband's parents are not good to her then the husband should always back his wife and it is up to him to have a private conversation with his parents that either they respect his wife or they will not be welcome in the home. However, if the wife is neglecting the husband's parents; being rude to them for no reason then it is still up to the husband to have a talk with his wife and to respect his parents.

It is when parents pick your husband or wife.

From the parents, the husband, and yourself.

As long as your parents are not on the mortgage, they can be evicted. If you and your husband are on the lease, you need to come up with an agreement.

The Moon and the Yew Tree' was written in 1961, two years before Sylvia's death, and during a time when she and her husband were having a significant problems. This poem reflects her despair and alludes to the emptiness of her relationships with her parents and her husband.

arranged marriage is when your parents arrange your wife/husband. And sometimes they may even have a dowry this is when the brides father pays the husband to be the husband .

When you want to divorce from a husband/wife, you just tell his/her parents that he/she is not your husband/wife any longer.

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