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Metals in aeroplanes?

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Why are metals in cars and aeroplanes different?

Airplanes have to be lighter for obvious reasons. Strong but light metals are not cheap.

Why metals are used in making aeroplanes bridges satellites etc.?

Because they are hard and strong

Why metals are used to make aeroplanes bridges etc?

Metals are durable, require little maintenance, strong for their weight and production methods are relatively inexpensive.

Are airoplanes plastic?

Most toy aeroplanes are made from plastic. Real planes are made from various metals.

What are the metals use to make aeroplanes?

It is an alloy called duralumin which contains aluminium andd other metals and is lighter and stronger than aluminium.Read more about it on wikipidia

A collection of aeroplanes?

The collective nouns for aeroplanes are a flight of aeroplanes or a squadron of aeroplanes.

What do you call a collection of aeroplanes moving together?

The standard collective nouns for 'aeroplanes' are:a flight of aeroplanesa squadron of aeroplanes

What is the collective noun for aeroplanes?

Collective nouns for aeroplanes are a flight of aeroplanes or a squadron of aeroplanes..

Why can't aeroplanes reverse?

aeroplanes can reverse

What is the collective nouns for areoplanes?

The collective nouns are a stack of aeroplanes, a fleet of aeroplanes, or a squadron of aeroplanes.

What are aeroplanes made out of?

Aeroplanes are generally made of Aluminum.

Why are aeroplanes made of alminium?

Alumunium has a high tensile strength and is less dence compared to other metals. Also, it is resistant to wide variations in temperature

When was The Aeroplanes At Brescia created?

The Aeroplanes At Brescia was created in 1909.

Do aeroplanes fly in the troposphere?

Yes, aeroplanes fly in the troposphere

When was The Blue Aeroplanes created?

The Blue Aeroplanes was created in 1981.

Why do lightning strikes not affect Aeroplanes?

because aeroplanes does not see the lightenigs

Where are the aeroplanes kept?

Aeroplanes are kept in large sheds called 'Hangers'

A person who flies aeroplanes?

A pilot is the person who flies aeroplanes.

What is a name of where aeroplanes are kept?

It's called a hanger

How did aeroplanes transform world war 2?

How did Aeroplanes transform war in WWII ?

What sorts of aeroplanes or there?

There are photos of thousands of aeroplanes on this web site:

How long after thyroid surgery can you fly in aeroplanes?

with in 48 hours u can fly in aeroplanes.

How many types af aeroplanes are there?

There are two types of aircraft namely jets and aeroplanes.

What are aeroplanes made from?

Aeroplanes are made up from aluminum because it is light weight and cheap. ! :)

When was Canadian Aeroplanes Ltd. created?

Canadian Aeroplanes Ltd. was created in 1916.

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