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Mustang vs camaro?

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What is the difference between a mustang and a camaro?

Well, warren vs dearborn

What car is faster the Camaro or the Mustang?

Answer and the truthit depends what motor you got in it but i think the camaro is faster camaro is faster looks cooler and is the better ride. look it up -camaro vs mustang- camaro wins all most every time i had an expeierence with both the mustang and the camaro the camaro is better but you need to buy one to see. if you want to be cool get a chevy.

Camaro or mustang?

Depends on the engine you're looking for, The V8 or the V6? I would go for a Mustang Boss 302, it's a bit more expensive but that car is great! The 302 even beats an Audi R8 on track. The best tip I can give you is to read some reviews and come to your own conclusion:

Who would win Camaro ss Vs Mustang gt Vs Challe nger srt8?

I am almost positive someone did a video of a 3 way drag race between these cars on youtube. The mustang won, just barely ahead of the camaro because of its weight, and the challlenger was in dead last because it never really got up to speed.

97 mustang vs 88 mustang who will win?

97 mustang! would

Is a Camaro hpe650 faster than a gt 500?

It is a live axel mustang vs an independent rear suspension camaro . Mustang will just hop around with all that power it can't get the power to the ground and it don't make that that much of a difference if you put sticky tires . Camaro with the independent rear suspension will squat and is better at getting the power to the ground where it counts yeah it is a little heaver but what do you want over 500 hp and just be able to roast the tires and make noise . You can see the Hpe vs the supper snake on YouTube .

Skyline vs mustang vs BMW vs ferrie?

the skyline because of the exxeleration and hp

Which car is faster between Chavy Camaro vs infiniti g37s?

The new camaro has 426hp and the G37 has 330hp. The camaro is much faster!

Corvette vs camaro ss which is faster?

The Corvette BY FAR man!!

Who will win in a race 2002 mustang gt vs 2007 mustang gt?

I'll place my bet on the '07 GT!!

How do you make a vs 3.8 mustang faster?

Put a super charger on it

Can a z31 win vs a camaro?

Yes, though it depends on models and mods.

Who wins when we race a Lancer evolution 8 vs a Mustang gt?

No one

Who is faster 2002 z28 vs 2003 mach 1?

the camaro. Depends on the driver.

1968 camaro ss with 572ci for more hp supercharger vs nitrous?

Go with the supercharger if you can.

1968 camaro with 572ci for more hp supercharger vs nitrous?

Go with a supercharger or a turbocharger.

What are the release dates for Pinks - 2005 1987 Pontiac Firebird vs- 1988 Ford Mustang?

Pinks - 2005 1987 Pontiac Firebird vs- 1988 Ford Mustang was released on: USA: 19 July 2006

What is faster 2000 v6 mustang vs 09 F150?

i would say 2000 v6 mustang depending on what year you got same with the 09 f150

What is faster a Ford Mustang or a Chevy Corvette?

the Corvette no question. The Corvette is a sports car, while the Mustang is a sporty coupe. A better question would be Mustang vs Camaro, in which the Camaro wins. Conclusively, even the most suped up Mustang wouldn't be able to take on a stock 1989 corvette, with an exception of the best Shelby package, which would be a difference of 2007 vs 1989. There is just no competition, they are in two different leagues. [EDIT] it is obvious from the build of the Mustang, that it wasn't built to race. It is a far heavier car, and it's bulky build was clearly not designed for aerodynamics. [EDIT] To the guy up there ^^ Mustangs are built to drag race it's not an all-over super sports car but it has a decent weight decent hp and it looks good. Specially the 2005-2009 model / 2010 model as he said the mustang gt has no way in winning against corvettes stock vs. stock but with mild bolt-ons it can preform and might win against the C5 and it's a drivers race between the new mustangs with LS1 camaros/gto's for more information about the racing part since he dissed it so much PLUS; There is the mustang shelby gt500 it's a good competitor to corvettes C6/C6 zo6's and the Mustang Super Snake is the Zr1 rival. DUDE's THE mustang is the better car out of the all you corvette lovers line up with the 2010 mustang and let me know what happens...i will let you know that the mustang will win in the race... especially in the drifting world the corvette cant drift worth s**t the mustang comes out on top all the time Corvettes are way better than a cheap mustang. A corvette would beat any mustang no matter what. For all Mustangs lovers, just to let you know they aren't a true sports car. My dad's 08 vette would smoke any mustang and that's a fact!

Who would win the race 1999 v6 firebird vs 1999 v8 mustang?

Depends on the driver and modifications, but stock for stock with the same driver, the Mustang would win.

What is cooler dodge challenger or dodge charger?

The Challenger, no contest. It's a classic name revived properly (Challenger) VS. a classic name ruined by an ugly sedan that resembles almost nothing of the original (Charger). plus the challenger is a mucle car and is a competitive car to the mustang and camaro for horsepower and speed

What is the fastest mustang gt?

Mustang Gt is fastest, because the Corvette has gotten slower so Gt has won and if you don't believe me go on you-tube and search : Gt vs Corvette

Where can one find a video of a STi vs a Camaro SS?

Youtube offers videos of a STi and a Camaro SS car racing and driving very illegally and dangerously in the wrong lane of traffic and probably speeding as well.

Cobalt ss turbo vs 1994 camaro z28 automatic which would win in a race?

It would be a good race but I think the Z would win in the end.

Shelby gt500 vs hennessy Camaro vs hemi dodge challenger?

I think the shelby gt500 is better in some ways... But it is faster out of the 3 cars. The hennessy camaro has the best interior, it makes u feel like your kind of alien space ship and the best body so if the question was which car is better looking then it would be the hennessy camaro. The hemi challenger is the best at turns and pulling its rock hard tires together so if this question was which car has the best handling out of the 3 then it would be the hemi challenger. But for the superchared shelby gt500, this car is the best at speed, quickness, and acceleration, so the superchared shelby gt500 would be the best at speed.but in sexiness camaro then gt then challanger