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It sounds like the fluid pump is out, or almost out. Having to "re-start" the engine for it to shift right is definatly an electrical problum, and is very common on these transmissions. What you are doing is reseting the transmissions T C M,{or brain} it will shift right again, until it gets a code for a problem, then it wont shift right again.

It is probably going into "limp" mode which is a safety feature for these transmissions, which may seem aggravating, but is actually to your advantage.

It will get you to take the vehical to a shop to see whats wrong, before to much damage is done.

These transmissions are actually a great invention by Chrysler, and one of the best out there if rebuilt with all the up-dates and fixes they have made over the years.

Its truley an amazing transmission if you know what goes on inside. {all electrical}

It is very hard to diagnose without hooking it up to a computer for a complete anaylsis.

I would suggest you call around to a local trans shop and ask if they have "FREE" diagnoisis, most will do this free.

They will hook up a small computer to your transmission, and it will tell the tech EXACTLY WHAT ITS DOING INSIDE, AND WHAT FAULT CODES IT IS THROWING.

You can go from there on what to do.


There may be other small things that you can do to make the "fix" on your trans.

Many times its just an "in-put" out-put sensor, or a solenoid pack, or the TCM its self. These items are WAY CHEAPER than a rebuild. That's why you need to see EXACTLY WHAT THE FAULT CODES ARE.



{sad , but true} below is a "very informative site that list cheap "fixes" to your transmission. I found it very helpful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! look it over, clear down to the bottom of the page, it lists many fixes.

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Could it be a fuse or relay that prevents a 1995 plymouth voyager to cut off when you put it in drive?

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