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Since you didn't mention the make or model of the vehicle, you will have to look at the following... A lean O2 sensor does not usually mean that the O2 sensor is bad. Since your idle is bad, you need to look at other air/fuel controls such as EGR, MAF, MAP, IA, injector nozzle and anything else that would either restrict air or fuel at idle


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There are sensors all over the engine that can turn the check engine light on.

I had all sensors replaced in my 03 Trailblazer and the check engine light stiil comes on. Why?

There are dozens of reasons. But in most cars of this model some sensors just become old and have to be replaced. When sensors fail ECU sets off the check engine light.

check your fuel and exhaust sensors to see if they are gummy or have buildup or read the owners manual and take it in the shop for a check up

I have a 98 mystique, and when the check engine light comes on, I simply disconnect the positive battery terminal for a couple of minutes. When I replace it, the check engine light is cleared. It resets the computer.

Wrong scanner?? If a check engine light is on, there are codes. Timing sensor? Check engine usually means a problem... Service means that scheduled service needs to be performed like oil change, or timing belt replacement. I would Check your Catalytic Converter. What often happens is the catalyst that is in the Catalytic converter Heats up and Blows out into your Muffler. This means It is not the sensor,but your converter and Muffler Need Replaced.I have just fixed two cars with this problem,and they had the same symptoms,Check engine Light.

Catalist temp performance poor. Esentially the 02 sensors are reading poor cat performance. It could be the )2 sensors are old and tired but most often it means the Catalist needs to be replaced.

There are many sensors that can trip the check engine light to come on.

Check the fuses, check the relay and then check the fan motor.

No, diesels don't have O2 sensors.

Yes but the check engine light will be on.

the check engine light could stay on because of other sensors. for example,the power steering sensor could be bad...this will cause the engine light to come on and other sensors could cause the engine light to come on. just get rid of the van. most sensors when they go bad cost anywhere from $200-$600 just because of the location of the sensor. manufacture put sensors in hard to reach places to keep you from replacing them,so that you will bring it in to dealer and pay over inflated repair cost.

If the check engine light is coming on periodically when hitting a bump in a 1995 Ford Taurus, perhaps a sensor is loose. Check both the oxygen sensors and the speed sensors on the transmission. Also check all sensors in the engine to make sure they are tight.

The check engine light is triggered by the Engine Control Module (ECM). The ECM receives information from many sensors and determines when to illuminate the check engine light.

Oxygen sensors don't have fuses. They either work completely or they don't, and it'll set the check engine light. They can only be replaced.

If the check engine light it on a 2002 Hyundai Accent on one of the sensors is malfunctioning. The computer is acknowledging this and alerting the driver that there is a problem in the engine.

Maybe the sensors you changed out were not the problem. Post what the symptoms were, what the codes were, and why you changed out what sensors you did. Sometimes errantly the wrong part is diagnosed as being defective, like having low fuel pressure and people spend $500 for fuel injectors when in reality it was a clogged fuel filter for $10 Some cars take a few starting cycles or cycles of driving before they reset the check engine light. If you had someone read your codes, normally they have the ability to turn off the check engine light. If you replaced the incorrect part(s) then your check engine light will remin on until the part casuing the fault is replaced. I hope the parts you replaced were the problem and it's just a matter of havign the check engine light turned off. If not, repost and maybe we can direct you. Todays' engines are not like ones of old where you can throw parts at it and "feel" you got it fixed. It's either fixed right or the check engine light is there to remind you it isn't.

what sensors have you replaced?? i am assuming the oxygen sensors. i need a code number to tell you what is wrong. if its a p0420 its probabily the catalytic converter. mabye a p0141-mass air flow needs to be cleaned

You can not reset your oxygen sensors. You can only replace them. To reset the check engine light you will have to get that done by a repair shop with a computor. If replacing the sensors does not repair the problem then check for a vacuum leak.

Check: Coils, module & sensors

Faulty catalytic converter, or sensors in exhaust faulty

There is not one sensor. All the ECM sensors are tied to the check engine light.

Every sensor on the engine and transmission can cause the light to come on.

There are pages and pages of things that can cause a check engine light. You need to have it checked with a scantool. Then the code can be diagnosed and repaired.

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