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It may be misfiring. Autozone will check it for free if your service engine light is on. Look for oil leakage stains around valve covers. If you have stains your pcv valve may be clogged causing a backup in oil and in turn oil may be leaking onto coil causing a misfire. That is what happened to mine. I thought it was the transmission for months because it feel like a thump when the car would shift in the higher gears.

2006-08-19 17:07:05
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Q: My 2001 Lincoln ls v8 feels as if it is slipping a little thur 3rd and 4th and now it wont shift into fifth and changed the filter and fluid what could it be?
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How do you change the engine oil on a Lincoln ls?

The oil can be changed like any other car. Meaning jack up the car, remove the oil plug on the oil pan. Let the oil drain out of the engine. Replace the plug, then move to the oil filter. Slowly remove the filter finish draining out the oil in the filter. Filter can hold about a quart of oil. Clean the area before replacing the new filter. Apply i little oil the the o ring on the new filter, the install it. Put in Lincoln recommended oil in it. 5w 20. You can use other brands they will work the same. It will take 6-7 quarts. Mine takes 7 and it is the 3L 6 cyl.

How do you fix a 1995 Lincoln Town Car that leaks a little oil right on top of the aluminum component below the oil filter?

Try tightening or replacing the oil filter it may be loose or the gasket may be defective

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How do you replace the trans filter and where is it located on a 1999 cougar?

the location of the transmission filter is inside the transmission and in order to replace the filter you need to drop the transmission and open it. the filter is not in the transmission pan like most older cars and can not be changed by some one that dosent know a little about how to rebuilt a might be better to get the transmission flushed.

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I changed the oil on my 2001 325i last weekend i followed the instructions from an online diy site the next day it started leaking oil right underneath the oil filter housing what did i do wrong?

try tightening the filter a little more. if that fails, you probably need new filter O ring

I changed the fuel filter for my mustang 1997 but it still stalls a little.?

Check the screws and rubber gasket on your fuel pump.It is often caused by air penetration on your fuel line.

Does the 2001 Subaru Outback vdc have a cabin filter?

yes it does. It is a little hard to take out. If you have had this car for sometime and the cabin filter has not been changed it is probably very clogged up. If you are reasonably handy I would recommend going to your local Subaru parts dealer and buying a new filter. It comes with instructions on how to replace it

Where do you find the air conditioner filter on a 2004 Lincoln LS?

Purchase a Purolator filter. It comes with complete instructions. Right side (passenger side) bottom of front window behind fender and fire wall, there is a hidden compartment that houses the filter, its a little tricky to find but its there. I got the dealer ship to show me, and by the way just clean the filter with vacuum or blow it out, filter cost 50-75$, too much!

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If the oil filter on an 05 is located on the passenger side front of the engine Is it located in the same position on a 04 Avalon Is the filter in plain view from underneath or is it hidden?

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What would cause a 1992 Mazda mx6 runs for a little while then die out?

timing could be off, or youre distribitor cap and rotor needs to be changed out, plugged fuel filter.

Where is the fuel filter button in a Lincoln Navigator?

The fuel filter is located behind the transfer case up on the inside of the frame rail. It is a impossible to change type of deal. I am considering relocating it the outside of the frame rail. The filter is held on by two clips that remove with little difficultly. The problem is the filter seems to fuse to the metal tube. Mine does not want to move at all. Looks like a bigger hammer will be needed.

Oil filter location on 2009 highlander?

Little bit different from the previous versions. The filter is inside of a metal casing. You have to take the casing off. Then use this little plastic gadget to drain the oil from the filter first(comes with new filter) and the you can replace it.

How do you change the oil filter on a 1997 BMW Z3?

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What is the oil capacity of 2000 Nissan Frontier 6 cylinder?

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Where is the crankcase breather located on 1998 ford escort zx2?

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