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I'm guessing this just happened and you don't have a manual. The low four wheel drive will only shift in neutral, park doesn't count so shift your transmission into neutral and push the button for high four wheel drive and it should shift.

***Shifting your transmission into neutral was exactly what it was***

Updated Answer: I had the same problem with my 2000 Blazer. I pried the switch assembly out of the dash, removed the wire harness plugs from the rear, snapped open the switch assembly (i.e. pushing down two of the lock-hooks, pull it apart). Be careful to do this with the buttons facing down or they may fall out. Everything inside the switch assembly looked clean, as did the contacts with the wire harnesses. So I put it all back together, and it worked perfectly after that.

I didn't really do anything except take the switch assembly apart and put it back together again. I'm guessing that one of the buttons had gotten off-center, because I didn't do anything, but it fixed the problem.

Updated Answer: I have a 92 S10. If it's in 4 Low put the truck in neutral and hit the 4 hi, shift into park and it should shut off. If it doesn't, then you might want to have it checked for something like wiring or what not. Clean the 4WD buttons with rubbing alcohol and q-tip. They are just like a computer keyboard. Make sure that you clean the WHOLE surface of the switch board because there may be moisture or oxydation deposits that are shorting out a couple of traces on the board causing it to default to a certain setting. Make sure you keep the buttons face down for this procedure or else youll spend too much time picking them up and putting them back. Also, during reassembly, make sure you align the LEDs to the holes. While you're at it, locate the transmission module. I have a 2001 Blazer and mine was located at the front passenger right kick panel. Unplug it and inspect the connector and pins. Mine was corroded on the power leads and a couple of others. After I cleaned the contacts and reconnected, it was amazing how much smoother the tranny shifted.

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When engaged in four wheel drive light flashes but wont engage the shaft locks but no four wheel actuator is not pushing out in my 97 Tahoe?

When engaged in four wheel drive light flashes but wont engage the shaft locks but no four wheel actuator is not pushing out in my 97 tahoe?

Does the over drive button save on fuel or gasoline?

Overdrive engaged saves fuel.

Is blazer drive an anime show?

Blazer Drive has yet to be adapted from manga into an anime series .

On your 02 s10 blazer when you push the 4 wheel drive button it lights up 4 wheel drive button but 4 wheel doesnt work?

i have a s-10 did the same thing it was the vacuum modulater located under the battery box

Why does front drive shaft rotate on Chevy blazer 4x4 2002 when elctronic switch not engaged?

there could be more than one factor it sounds like the actuator is bad or if your blazer has partial vacumm control then you could have a vacumm leak

Why does your 98 blazer jump into 4 wheel drive sometimes when you are backing up the control is on the dash it is push button 4 wheel drive where do you unplug it so it want be 4 wheel drive anymore?

i accidentally hit the button sometimes and dont know it til i am going. a few times i have gotten into 4low because i hit the button and as i was switching to drive, i passed neutral and it jumped. my 95 you had to hesitate on neutral.

What does the actuator on a 4 wheel drive do?

The actuator on a 4-wheel drive allows the vehicle to shift into 4-wheel drive with the push of a button or a shift of a lever. The actuator allows the front axle to become engaged.

Why will your blazer not engage front axles in four wheel drive?

It could be the shift motor on the T Case. Or it could be the automatic shift button switch on the dash.

How do you get a 2000 ford explorer XLT out of fwd if it is stuck?

I have a 4 wheel drive Chevy Blazer 2001 that got stuck in 4 wheel drive, the only way I got it out was to put it into neutral and switch the 4 wheel drive button. It worked!!

1997 Chevy blazer front wheel lock when 4 wheel drive is engaged i have repalced rotors brakes and calipers could it be front hubs i jacked up blazer and front wheels turn hard like something is dragi?


What signs can you look at to tell if your 1996 blazer is in 4 wheel drive?

The easiest way to tell is turn. Turn your front tires all the way in one direction and drive forward. If your blazer is in four wheel drive the tires will hop and cherp ect. Or turn your radio off and listen for a clunk when you push your 4x4 button on the dash. When engaging there will be a mild clunck. Hope this helps.

On your 2002 explorer 4x4 which position should you put the button in on the dash for driving on highway?

I'm guessing here you're speaking of the 4x4 button? If so, you don't want the button engaged on the freeway. You want the vehicle in 2 wheel drive high range.

How do you engage 4 wheel drive on 2002 land rover discovery?

The 4 wheel drive system on a 2002 Land Rover Discovery is engaged by pressing the 4 wheel drive button on the dash. It sends an electrical signal which activates the system.

How is the 2x2 Chevy Blazer?

2 wheel drive

How do you replace drive shaft 2000 Chevy Blazer?

I have a leak on my drive shaft left front 2000 cheve Blazer I would like to replace the whole unit

Who is Blazer Drive written and illustrated by?

Blazer Drive, a Japanese manga series, is written and illustrated by Seishi Kishimoto. The series has a futuristic style and is popular with science fiction fans.

Is a 2004 Chevy blazer front wheel drive?

rear wheel drive or 4x4 capable

What does it mean when the D for drive flashes on and off in the 2004 Element?

Transmission problems (?)

1996 Chevy Blazer transfer case?

A 1996 Chevy Blazer Does have a transfer case IF it is equipped with 4 wheel drive

What is the gas tank capacity for a 1999 Chevy Blazer?

I have an 1999 Chevrolet Blazer with 4 wheel drive, and it has about a 12-gallon tank.

Where is the fuel filter located on the 1991 s 10 blazer 2w drive?

where is the fuel filter on a 1988 s-10 blazer

Hoses to transfer case for s10 blazer?

i have a 1989 chevy blazer gos in 4x4 drive but front wheels are not pulling wat do i do about that

1998 Chevy blazer front or all wheel drive?

It is rear wheel drive, until you shift it into 4 wheel drive.

Over drive light flashes in your 2001 Ford ranger?

A malfunction has been detected

What would cause the 4 wheel drive to not engage on a 95 Chevy Blazer the module containing the 4x4 button was replaced the light does go on in 4 wheel hi 4?

the transfer case motor has to be replaced

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