My 92 blazer is stuck in Lo 4 wheel drive when I try to turn it off the Hi button flashes for a while but the Low button stays on and 4 wheel is still engaged how can I turn off 4 wheel drive?

I'm guessing this just happened and you don't have a manual. The low four wheel drive will only shift in neutral, park doesn't count so shift your transmission into neutral and push the button for high four wheel drive and it should shift.

***Shifting your transmission into neutral was exactly what it was***

Updated Answer: I had the same problem with my 2000 Blazer. I pried the switch assembly out of the dash, removed the wire harness plugs from the rear, snapped open the switch assembly (i.e. pushing down two of the lock-hooks, pull it apart). Be careful to do this with the buttons facing down or they may fall out. Everything inside the switch assembly looked clean, as did the contacts with the wire harnesses. So I put it all back together, and it worked perfectly after that.

I didn't really do anything except take the switch assembly apart and put it back together again. I'm guessing that one of the buttons had gotten off-center, because I didn't do anything, but it fixed the problem.

Updated Answer: I have a 92 S10. If it's in 4 Low put the truck in neutral and hit the 4 hi, shift into park and it should shut off. If it doesn't, then you might want to have it checked for something like wiring or what not. Clean the 4WD buttons with rubbing alcohol and q-tip. They are just like a computer keyboard. Make sure that you clean the WHOLE surface of the switch board because there may be moisture or oxydation deposits that are shorting out a couple of traces on the board causing it to default to a certain setting. Make sure you keep the buttons face down for this procedure or else youll spend too much time picking them up and putting them back. Also, during reassembly, make sure you align the LEDs to the holes. While you're at it, locate the transmission module. I have a 2001 Blazer and mine was located at the front passenger right kick panel. Unplug it and inspect the connector and pins. Mine was corroded on the power leads and a couple of others. After I cleaned the contacts and reconnected, it was amazing how much smoother the tranny shifted.