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My car shakes and misses out when at a complete stop could i have done somthing wrong when i changed the spark plugs or oil filter?

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βˆ™ 2006-09-01 14:25:14

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It sounds like you may of mixed up plug wires when you put them back on. Oil filter will not have anything to do with the way your car idles.

2006-09-01 14:25:14
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2000 Pontiac grand prix misses when you put on the gas?

Check your fuel filter.

95 ford escort missing and ticking you changed wires and fuel filter but it still misses and has ticking on top end of motor?

Take it to a professional and have the valve lash adjusted. Also replace the spark plugs.

95 villiager van misses cutoff sometimewent driving?

Maybe a fuel filter clog.

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What can you do if your '92 Dodge Van 3.9 misses and backfires even after you have used injector cleaner changed plugs wires rotor distributor cap fuel filter and changed crank sensor?

Missing and backfiring are a sure sighn the timing is out. Check and make sure you put all the plug wires back in the proper position.

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1997 MERCURY mystique missing not spark but fuel changed fuel filter can it be a fuel pump if still running ruff?

this is most likely a bad injector. Try a tank of premium gas and Lucas injector cleaner. If it still misses, you probably need to change an injector.

You have an 89 beretta gt 2.8 v6 when you accelerate hard it misses and sputters what could be wrong changed the fuel filter catalatic converter injector cleaner any help would be appreciated?

check spark plugs, plug leads, distributer cap and rotor button

Chev 350 marine engine misses at high speed?

If your Chevy 350 marine engine misses at high speed, you might have an issue with the timing. This can be adjusted. You also may have an issue with the fuel filter or injectors. Spark plugs can do that also.

Truck runs rough when warm if you accelerate slow it runs fine but if you step on it bangs hard and misses but it does not do it all the time changed the fuel filter and it drove fine for about a week?

try your idle control valve also your fuel pump i had a problem similar to yours and it was the fuel pump

Your 1991 s-10 misses at low speeds and every once and while it will at high speeds is it the fuel filter?

could be the egr valve

Why does It spits and sputters and misses?

Could be several causes: Clogged fuel filter. Clogged/dirty fuel injectors. Spark plugs need changing.

What would make a 2003 ford focus feel like it misses a beat when at steady speeds?

Dirty fuel filter, dirty injectors, for a start.

Your 93 z28 misses and hesitates after warming up Changed plugs wires optispark and TPS what else could be wrong?

dirty injectors

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This could be a problem with timing or you need to check the leads to the coil packs are on firmly.

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Auto Zone will check your computer codes for FREE... It maybe a coil pack, or bad plugs/wires.

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1999 Chevy suburban cylinder 3 misses and than stops and than misses again Changed spark plugs wires distributor cap and rotor cap It will also backfire when driving?

Runa compression check. If it has low compression in that cylinder you might have a burned or sticking valve.

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