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My mom and step dad are getting a divorce can he get custody of me or do i have to stay with my alcoholic mom and he was on pills for a while but he quit?

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2006-07-20 23:59:06

The law might be different where you live but in the UK, you are

old enough to decide who you live with but there may be some

practical considerations (eg. can he support you? Does he have a

house that's big enough?). Is there a child advice line that you

know of? They'll be able to give you any relevant information you

need. Or is there a teacher at your school you trust? There's no

reason for you to remain with your mom if you don't want to. Every

situation is different, you really ought to talk to a teacher or

school therapist about your feelings, they may be able to speak on

your behalf in court... If things are really bad with your mom, you

could call a teen help line and they can direct you to local

resources in your area...

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