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Iraq and Iran are the two countries

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Q: Name the two countries of the Middle East that are very often at war with each other?
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What are the two countries of the Middle East that are very often at war with each other?

Iran and Iraq.

Is hinduism a prominent religion in middle east?

Not in the Middle East, but it is in India. Islam is the predominant religion in most Middle Eastern countries. Often times it is an "Islamic Republic" or some type there of that actually governs the countries. Many of the countries of the Middle East are intolerant of other religions so the actual percentage of people that openly profess to be a different religion are small.

What does the middle east have that other countries want?


Which countries in the Middle East are located in the Sahara Desert?

The Sahara is located in Africa and not in the Middle East. There are no Middle East countries covered by the Sahara.

Are all the Middle East countries are Arab countries?

There are countries in the Middle East that are not Arab, such as Iran, Turkey, and Israel.

What do we buy from countries in the middle east?

We buy oil or other oil products it.

Do they buy the oil from middle east?

Many countries by oil from the middle east. (70% of all countries) :)

Which two Middle Eastern countries are primarily mountainous?


What countries in the middle east support entrepreneurship?

Israel far and away gives the most support to entrepreneurs as compared with other Middle Eastern countries.

Is the European Union in the Middle East?

Cypus is the only European Union member in the Middle East. All other European Union countries (as could be guessed) are in Europe. Turkey is a Middle Eastern country that has tried to accede to the European Union, but has not had its accession accepted. To read more about that read the Related Question. The European Union is very active politically in the Middle East, often serving as a bloc to negotiate against different Middle Eastern countries and therefore make negotiations more favorable in the Middle East.

Name the two countries of the middle east that begin with the letter I?

Two countries of the middle east are Israel and Iran.

How do Jewish people in the middle east call them selfs?

If you are asking how many Jews are there in the Middle East, the answer is approximately 6 million, though the Jewish population of Arab countries is often difficult to determine.